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The #White House is one of the worldwide symbol of the American republic nation and a symbol of freedom. It's cornerstone was set in place in 1792, the original walls were built of sandstone and after eight years the two-story house was mostly completed with a fresh coat of lime-based whitewash. President John Adams and wife Abigail Adams were the first to occupy the official President's House on November 1, 1800. President Jefferson came into office on March 4, 1801, he was the first to be inaugurated in Washington D.C., and extended the the footprint of the house by adding book-ending terrace-pavilions plus two water closets. In 1814 the British burnt the house and the original architect, James Hoban, was brought back to rebuild. In 1929, the West Wing suffered fire damage that also called for extensive renovations.

Between 1824 and 1829 South and North Porticoes were added as well is the first flower garden. As each new president came and went new additions extended the White House footprint outside and inside. President Theodore Roosevelt officially gave the White House its current name in 1901. Today, the White House consists of 142 rooms within its six floors. According to a study taken in 1978, there was up to 40 layers of exterior paint and requires 570 gallons of paint to cover the entire outer surface. Some of the inside upgrades over the years include 35 bathrooms, 25 fireplaces and a movie theater. The White House receives over 7,000 visitors every day since President Jefferson opened the doors to the public in 1805.

The #White House serves as a temporary office and residence of our elected President, it is considered his home for as long as the American people allow him to stay. Over the years, as each president serves his term in office a new chapter of American history was/is written. Each in their own way added some new elements and collected new objects to enrich the peoples house. In September 1961 Congress voted in Public Law 87-286 that officially made the White House a museum. The property is a National Heritage Site owned by the National Park Service and is part of the President's Park.

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