When James Comey was asked by the Senate in the same week that he was fired by the Trump administration to return for another hearing, the former FBI director declined. The controversy surrounding his spontaneous departure could have been cleared up with another hearing, fresh after losing his job. But as the passing days gain more distance from a time when the FBI had a director, reports surrounding the controversy continue to clarify that President Trump tried to obstruct justice.

'Let go' of the investigation on Flynn

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that one of Comey's assistants read parts of the memo to reporters from the media outlet, which said that in February President Trump asked James Comey in the Oval Office to let his investigation on General Michael Flynn go.

The article says that the memo was written by Comey and was part of a paper trail that the former FBI director left behind to document when Trump tried to "directly influence" the Department of Justice and the FBI. The White House was thrust into another level of chaos, more intense than before. White House aides scrambled to find answers for why the President fired the FBI director that fit the President's narrative when the narrative wasn't that he fired him for not ending the investigation.

Trump-infused chaos

As Blasting News reported in one article about the fallout, President Trump himself changed his story more than twice, and in another article, he threatened to cancel all White House press briefings in order for everyone to get their stories straight.

When President Trump finally settled for a reason, the reason he settled for was that Comey would not stop investigating the Trump campaign for its connections to Russia.

Mr. Comey's memo is unclassified but at the time of the New York Times report, they had not received a copy of the memo to study further. They were told that Comey wrote the memo immediately after his meeting with the President and then shared it with senior FBI officials and some associates.

The Times also reported that the meeting in the Oval Office took place days after former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn had been forced to resign.

James Comey was fired about a week after his hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee in early May. The hearings about the FBI's investigation had apparently infuriated President Trump, saying that the investigation was created by the Democrats who were sour about losing the 2016 Presidential Election, which he stated in an interview with Lester Holt for NBC News.