According to US sources, the president, a day after he fired James Comey, revealed highly classified intelligence to Russia. Last week Russia's Foreign Minister and ambassador met secretly with Trump at the White House. The meeting was a private event and no US journalists were invited.

Reportedly, Trump revealed ISIS secrets to Russia

However, a Russian media correspondent received access to the closed-door meeting. According to U.S. officials, the disclosures by the President now jeopardize the intelligence agency source. The information that was leaked involves the Islamic State (ISIS).

This information reportedly was very critical and was even restricted from other US government officials.

The information was relayed to Trump by an intelligence-sharing U.S. partner. Reports stated that the information revealed by the US President was also withheld from all United States allies. According to sources, this was because of the sensitive nature of the highly classified details. The material leaked was not authorized by the partner to be shared with the Russian government.

Officials added that the decision made by the President now jeopardizes the relationship with the ally. Additionally, they stated that the US is able to get information about ISIS militants because of the ally's access to its inner circle.

After the meeting, senior White House officials worked to repair the damage done.

Leaked classified information

It was reported that the officials were busy calling the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as the National Security Agency (NSA). According to US personnel, the code-word was revealed by the united states president.

He said by using that terminology, it compromised a higher classification level that’s used only by US spy agencies. Donald Trump revealed more information to Russia than US spy agencies shared with their special allies.

Trump hired a lawyer last week because of rising accusations involving Russia. Just last week, he fired the lead investigator investigating the linkage between his campaign team and Russian hackers.

James B. Comey's firing has created a firestorm, even from his own Republican Party members.

Trump, in his own words, said Comey was fired because of "this Russia thing.” Several critics added that the US President compromised the Russian investigation.