The much-debated dossier about Trump’s collusion with Russia during his election campaign has come into focus once again according to a story in USA Today. Details have emerged that political research carried out by anonymous individuals during the Republican Primaries linked Donald Trump to Russia.

Meanwhile, another probe links the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Election Committee to a private investigation, reportedly funded by the Democrats. But, the US President already claimed the information is politically motivated. And in true Donald J.Trump's style; he dismissed it as “phony stuff.”

But the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe had so far corroborated information provided in the dossier.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team are probing the alleged collusion between Russian hackers and then-Republican nominee Donald Trump.

And based on the dossier, the investigative committee interviewed the British private investigator Christopher Steels, who had helped compile the secret file before the FBI probe began. Washington insiders have known about the secret dossier since last year.

Did secret dossier prove Russian hack?

The dossier alleges that collusion occurred between hackers hired by Vladimir Putin and the Trump campaign. President Trump predictably trashed the file calling it patently false, and also went on Twitter to voice his suspicions that the Democrats and Federal agents had funded the creation of the dossier.

Donald Trump also rubbished other reports by the CIA and NSA. The FBI reported that Russia was a significant influence on the US election, and reiterated that Russian hackers intended to obtain an election result that favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous client first requested probe?

The Democrats hired the Perkins Coie law firm after Fusion GPS - a political research firm contacted the lawyer.

Attorney Mark Elias did the compilation of the dossier, the investigation commenced in spring of 2016 and extended until after the November 2016 election.

Furthermore, the chosen law firm had already done an investigation on then-Republican candidate Donald Trump. Reportedly, an anonymous client first requested a secret probe during the hard-fought Republican primaries. Speculations are now rampant that a GOP Senator funded the secret probe against the aspiring US President.