A top Law Professor at the Harvard constitutional law faculty said Congress should start an impeachment investigation of the U.S. President. Additionally, he said Donald Trump should be investigated for obstructing the Russian probe by firing James Comey Jr.

Harvard lecturer troubled by Comey's dismissal

The Professor, along with other sources, alleged that Trump tried to divert the course of the investigation by firing the lead investigator. Comey, just a few weeks ago, was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to the law professor, Trump obviously intended to interfere with the probe launched by the National Security Agency.

In his scathing rebuke, Professor Laurence Tribe, the Harvard lecturer, stated that the President is an authoritarian leader. He posted the opinion piece in the Washington Post on Saturday. Tribe referred to the US leader's interference as a whimsical risk to the nation’s fate. He also added, instead of waiting for the result of the investigation, that Trump the authoritarian leader diverted its outcome. The President’s action, he said, strongly suggests that he is a possible danger to the United States Government system. Donald Trump, in his defense, said he fired the FBI's Director because of, “That Russian thing.”

However, since the abrupt dismissal of Comey last week, a firestorm now engulfs his administration.

GOP members, as well as Democrats on Capitol Hill, expressed concerns about his action. Since last week, legal advisors, including Professor Tribe have called for a committee to investigate Trump’s firing of the lead investigator.

Campaign launched for 45th President impeachment

Tribe also said that to save the United States Constitution, Congress should initiate impeachment proceedings into Comey's firing.

The professor had met with a campaign group whose members declared that Trump cannot tell the House Representatives they are fired. This, obviously, was a meme of his reality series, “The Apprentice”.

The Harvard Professor said there are ample reasons that the American people should not trust the US President. According to the lecturer, Trump’s brazen defiance of the US 'Constitution Clause' is of grave concerns.

The United States law bars American Leaders from accepting monetary gifts from foreign nationals -- it is an impeachable offense. This, Tribe reiterated, happened even before he fired the lead investigator tasked with investigating his association with the Russian Government.