Overwatch” is among the most popular titles of today. Since its release last year, it managed to acquire a huge following. Its player pool even continues to grow in millions, giving Blizzard the success it deserves.

But like any other titles, “Overwatch” also has its own share of issues. One is the way supports are developed in the game. Although they as balanced as any other heroes, it cannot be denied that a little tweak might mean something huge for them.

A “Help Me” voice line

Healers are perhaps the most important characters in the game. They keep their teammates alive and boosted, giving them an edge over the opponents.

But since they are considered high-valued characters, they are usually the first targets. Opponents will try to move past them to eliminate them. While their teammates try to help them in any way possible, death is still inevitable. In a post from MMOExaminer, it might be best for Blizzard to introduce a “Help Me” voice line in the game. This voice line, in particular, will be used by healers, so they can inform their teammates of a possible elimination.

This is quite interesting, though, considering it is not a significant tweak or change. It is not even close to exponentially change the game overall. Rather, it is a tool that can elevate the gameplay of healers even more. After all, healers are often times the ones doing all the helping.

Perhaps it is about time that the studio gives them something to ask for help. This will also become a decent alternative for those who main support heroes like Ana, Mercy, Zenyatta, and Lucio.

The great Mercy rework

Meanwhile, the entire “Overwatch” community was shocked following the major changes Blizzard did to Mercy. She no longer can resurrect five dead teammates, though she is able to resurrect one.

Her ultimate has been changed to Valkyrie, which allows her to gain infinite flying and bullets. The ultimate ability also allows hero boost and heal teammates in a much greater percentage. Moreover, her ability to resurrect is boosted when using the ultimate. Basically, its cooldown is reduced.

While many thought the new Mercy as useless, it appeared to be the other way around.

Blizzard revealed new statistics suggesting that there were plenty of players using Mercy more than ever. Even the number of resurrected allies increased, not to mention her pick rate in competitive matches. It turned out that the new Mercy has become a favorite hero, which was quite the contrary to what everyone expected. This was also a surprise to Blizzard, as they thought that the rework did not earn the love of players.