Overwatch” is without a doubt one of the most popular titles in recent memory. With over millions of players from across the globe, its success is inevitable. There are just plenty of reasons to play and enjoy this shooter-themed title.

Among the things that players love about “Overwatch” is community engagement. The fans and the developers continue to share whatever is related to the game. Apparently, though, the responses from the development team has decreased recently.

Jeff Kaplan apologizes

According to Slightshot Esports, the game director Jeff Kaplan recently apologized for the lack of responses from the development team.

There was a thread on the official forum, discussing the lack of “blue posts.” The latter, in particular, were primarily responses from the development team. The said thread, later on, gained attention from other players, who also noticed the same thing. Of course, this is an unacceptable considering a number of issues the game suffered lately. Add to this the fact that the lackluster began soon after infamous Mercy rework arrived. It was as if Blizzard was trying to veer away from the criticisms.

Kaplan, however, explained that this was not the case and that the entire “Overwatch” community should not be worried. He revealed that he was out for “two weeks” for a lot of reasons, one of which was “extreme fatigue.” But despite this, he assured the fans that the rest of the development team was working on every player request and case.

No barrier

Kaplan also stressed that it has always been the goal of Blizzard to promote transparency between developers and players. They always make sure that the community is well-updated with whatever tweaks, issues, or updates there are. Kaplan also added that they refuse to put a barrier between them and the community. This transparency would be implemented even on PR spokespeople and “layers of community managers.” The “Overwatch” game director, however, pointed out that posting on forums could sometimes become difficult for them.

They were either extremely intimidated or they just find the act time-consuming. They would rather focus their energy and attention on developing the game further.

He also suggested that whenever they say a thing or two, they mean it. For instance, if they promised to deliver a fix, nothing on earth would stop them from doing it.

This could very well be a reference to a recent bug that exploited the game. Basically, some players were getting season bans even without any evidence of wrongdoing. It turned out that a bug was causing this permabans. Kaplan already confirmed that a hotfix would be on its way, but they just could not provide a definite timeline.