In “Overwatch,” players have their own go-to characters. Usually, these are heroes they are very familiar or comfortable playing with. But perhaps the most picked hero in the game is none other than Genji, the cyborg ninja and former member of the Shimada clan.

Apparently, though, Genji is only as effective as the player using him in “Overwatch.” So regardless of how powerful his skill kit may be, his efficiency completely relies on the player. Below are tips on how to use the titular cyborg ninja accordingly. Check them out!

Try to aim for headshots

Like any other heroes in the game, Genji is deadlier when he can hit headshots more often. Besides, his shuriken projectiles can damage an opponent significantly. But if a player really wants to be an effective DPS in the team, he must learn to aim and land shots on the head. This is not easy, though, and thus requires a good amount of practice.

As much as possible, use the training mode in “Overwatch.” This should give players a good avenue to practice their headshot aims not just with Genji, but also with other heroes. This is quite important to learn, most especially when players want to dominate the competitive ranks.

Farm ult charges by deflecting and damaging

It cannot be denied that Genji has one of the most effective ultimate abilities in the game.

His Dragonblade can slice anyone and can make him a very lethal opponent to go up against with. Just remember that for an ultimate to become available, its charge must reach 100 percent. Unfortunately, Genji’s ultimate does not charge as fast as his brother Hanzo. This is where players need to farm to boost said charge.

So how does one exactly charge Genji’s ultimate ability faster?

There are two ways: one is by deflecting damage, the other is by issuing it. Make sure that you can deflect as many damage points as you can, as this can help charge the hero’s ultimate faster. More importantly, make sure to inflict significant damage to opponents. Not only will this help charge the ultimate quickly, but it can also help the team advance or defend.

Go for high-valued opponents

Genji is among the characters used for dive compositions in “Overwatch.” These are heroes who have the mobility to go from one place to another. Other characters include the likes of Winston, Soldier: 76, and Tracer. Genji, in particular, has the Swift Strike to move past an opponent. He is also capable of double jumping and climbing walls, making him a striker and an assassin from afar. This is where players must use these skills to eliminate high-valued characters of the opposing team, such as Mercy and Ana. Eliminating them will make it harder for the opposing team to defend or attack.