Fans anticipating more juicy tidbits for the upcoming “God Of War” game will be excited to know about some new footage. The developer behind the pleasantly-violent action game, Santa Monica Studio as well as Sony Interactive Entertainment, shared new material for the title. As the next installment’s release draws closer, marketing has shifted slightly to promote its features. This is the second footage from what appears to be a series of video clips that highlight some of Kratos’ enemies, which is called “Lost Pages of Norse Myth. The latest one focuses on another baddie called the Revenant.

A Revenant as depicted by ‘God of War’

The developers released the first concept video trailer for their “Lost Pages of Norse Myth” series just a day before the new one. It featured the Draugr, which is described to be an undead monster and one of many creatures Kratos will encounter. Furthermore, the second video now shifts its focus on the Revenant. Different sketches and concept art depict the enemy with different designs and forms. Nevertheless, it is always shown holding a Seidr magic staff, which is probably its main weapon that provides it with energy and abilities.

‘Realm of Mysteries’ concept art

Prior to their “Lost Pages of Norse Myth” concept, Santa Monica Studio and Sony shared some concept art via Twitter.

These mainly showcased some environmental and scenery sketches and was labeled “Realm of Mysteries”. A few pictures also illustrated Katos along with his son Atreus, which will reportedly play a big part during gameplay. His involvement in the game was likened to a parent guiding a child under their care. In some of these illustrations, the protagonist is shown facing against a horde of enemies, while keeping his son behind him for safety.

Perhaps these scenes might make it to the final game when it's released sometime next year.

Artbook most likely to be included

Just like most AAA games, “God of War” will most likely offer different versions of the game during launch. Pre-orders have not yet been announced, but it will most likely have a limited or a collector’s edition.

Some fans even speculate that the gorgeous artwork featured in the “Realm of Mysteries” and “Lost Pages of Norse Myth” deserve an artbook. So far, the footage shared by Sony and Santa Monica Studio has revealed two of the game’s creatures, which are the Draugr and Revenant. Based on the gameplay trailers there are more enemies that could be featured in the succeeding installments.