Now that Destiny 2 is up and about on Xbox One and PS4 (and some weekly resets), players have less than a month to wait before Activision publishes the Microsoft Windows version.

‘Destiny 2’ releases ‘The Pyramidion’ to bring more thrill

Bungie recently made the next Nightfall Strike available on Destiny 2. It is widely known as The Pyramidion, where a player gets the chance to take their revenge on the Vex Mind. Although they did not publish further information about the specific modifiers, The Pyramidion can still be played within a time limit and it will be up to the players behind the screen to discover the possibilities.

According to GameSpot, the challenges are called: Speed of Dark, Unbroken, and Siege Engine. The challenges are quite difficult to unlock. One of which is the Unbroken where a player has to beat the Nightfall with less than three deaths. Call it luck or skill if a player makes it unscathed. They also have a week to make it happen before Bungie unveils a new reset. Although it is quite overwhelming for now, it definitely has some perks prepared once The Pyramidion Nightfall is beaten. Receiving the best items the game can offer – maybe that’s worth sacrificing your sleep for.

Does the game continue to have a complicated system?

Getting past the game’s complicated system means a player needs to experience the game more.

For some, the infusion system is one of those. It basically allows a player to increase their item’s attack and defense level. It may seem pleasing when items are being fused, but take note that it will cost a player their Glimmer and Legendary Shards. Additionally, it is important for a player to notice the mods attached per item and to understand an individual’s base power level first.

The thing is, the base power level is not currently displayed but we can get a hint of it by calculating the highest-power loadout available to a certain player. Remember that the maximum power level can’t be simply accomplished in hours, but in weeks of playing and receiving rewards. The shooter game may provide such challenging activities like Flashpoints, Leviathan Raid, Trials of the Nine and Nightfall Strike.

But accomplishing a lot in those activities will result in bigger chances of catching great gears every week – that is not something you might want to miss. Tip: After going above 265, start focusing on weekly activities as it is the only way to increase power level.

Catch the availability of Destiny 2 in Microsoft Windows on October 24.