Blizzard just revealed a major announcement. Basically, the studio is set to debut its “Overwatch” spectating mechanics come November 3 and November 4. But before all of these happen at the highly anticipated “Overwatch World Cup,” the developer will be showcasing an exciting revelation.

In-game team uniforms

The company just posted a video on the official Twitter page of “Overwatch,” and it is called “Behind the Scenes: Evolving Overwatch Esports.” This simply details the entire developmental process the developer underwent. But among all the technical talk in the video, there is an exciting feature that every fan must look forward to.

Well, it is none other than the in-game team uniforms.

To put it simply, Blizzard will be overhauling the entire “Overwatch” league experience – both for the fans and the eSports pro players. For the tournament, each team will be wearing their very own organization-branded skins in the game. For instance, the home team is expected to wear vibrant colors, while the away team is set to don relegated to light colors. This means that spectators will no longer have to worry about differentiating the players based on a red or blue outline.

With just a quick glance, they can immediately tell which side a player is.

How the uniforms will work

Apparently, Blizzard will introduce some interesting features to the in-game uniforms. According to Dot Esports, the colors will be reflected in a certain perspective in the user interface display. So, if a spectator is watching a Swedish player, the interface will showcase a blue color.

If the spectator switches to the opposite team, the interface will automatically set the color. Moreover, the specially-designed color interface will include all the blasts emitted from a character’s weapon.

Apart from the upcoming in-game uniforms, the video detailed other features the “Overwatch” developers are working. These are basically the features they introduced in a Developer Update video released October 26.

Fans can also expect a robust top-down view, though it is meant for the broadcasters at the “Overwatch World Cup.” This, including a third-person smart camera, is set to make a debut at the tournament.

The highly anticipated league will begin November 3, with Sweden going up against the United Kingdom. The tournament will continue the next day, where a champion will finally be announced.