Miami Heat fans should be happy to know that Hassan Whiteside is significantly progressing. The announcement was made by none other than coach Erik Spoelstra. However, the organization is still uncertain if whether or not the center will make a return on Wednesday night.

Playability is still uncertain

Whiteside missed all past five games of the Miami Heat due to a bone bruise in his left knee. Apparently, he has already participated in both 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 drills. According to Miami Herald, these light practices are enough to confirm that Whiteside is progressing mightily.

The announcement came after the Heat’s overtime loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, 125-122.

Spoelstra, however, did not confirm if Whiteside was able to join any contact practice. He did mention about the Heat superstar “getting better,” which is something that the team hoped for. “I want to see him pushing himself and making sure there’s no pain,” Spoelstra said. He continued that Whiteside will undergo a medical process to evaluate his overall condition prior to the upcoming game on Wednesday. The Heat is expected to go up against the Chicago Bulls on said date.

Whiteside’s numbers

At least for this season, Whiteside only managed to play the Miami Heat’s season opener. He was able to put up 26 points and 22 rebounds in their battle against the Orlando Magic.

The team started with Jordan Mickey following the injury of Whiteside. They also utilized NBA rookie Bam Adebayo and has been part of the rotation ever since. He finished with a remarkable margin of 13 points and 13 rebounds last Monday night.

Spoelstra is positive of Whiteside’s fast recovery, though he will not “have a determination” on when the center will be ready.

The coach also mentioned that their main priority would be to evaluate Whiteside’s reflex. Moreover, Spoelstra confirmed that Goran Dragic was unable to join them on their practice last Tuesday due to an illness. Fortunately, he is expected to play against the Bulls. Wayne Willington, on the other hand, has been suffering from colds despite being able to play in Monday night’s game.

A Boost

The Miami Heat coach said that Whiteside’s return would mean so much to the time. It will be a huge boost, the kind that the team needs in order to play efficient defense on the floor. It is worth noting that the Heat’s defense turned ugly after Whiteside’s injury. They have turned the ball over for at least 24 times in last Monday night’s game. The mistakes resulted in a devastating loss in overtime.