Developer Bungie just recently announced their plans to further improve and fix “Destiny 2.” This was after the studio received multiple complaints from fans who have grown tired of the game’s issues since launch. The company hopes to implement these changes as soon as possible.

What changes are coming?

According to Polygon, “Destiny 2” has plenty of issues, particularly on the loot drops and overall reward economy. Apart from these, players want to see lots of quality-of-life improvements, such as being able to swap various emotes while on the fly.

They all feel like Bungie is slacking, as these issues have been brought to the studio since the game’s official release.

Interestingly, the developers are already working on these future updates and fixes. This was announced by none other than game director Christopher Barrett, who posted the studio’s blog post. He mentioned about continuously looking for ways to know where the game would be heading. So what exactly are these updates?

Subset of planned changes to the game

First and foremost, newer systems and rewards are expected to arrive. These will reportedly provide players with more pursuits, though some are optional. Add to this the fact that improvised incentives are finally becoming a reality.

Players who are lucky enough to complete the so-called Prestige activities will be rewarded with said incentives. More importantly, there will be various rewards as well as the highly-anticipated replay value for adventures, strikes, and even Lost Sectors. In addition, the video game company is set to introduce private matches.

The only catch is that these matches will be for the competitive community only. The studio is looking for an early 2018 release of said matches.

Moreover, “Destiny 2” will tune Crucible similar to the way they adjusted Supremacy scoring. Barret said that doing so would help in achieving better spawning rules and incentives for players who the complete the matches.

He, however, warned that they would also be implementing penalties for those who quit and throw matches. The studio also promises to bring continued improvements on both Faction Rallies and Iron Banner. The interesting part here is the inclusion of unique rewards, though the studio could not specify what these are exactly. To improve the possibility of duplications in the future, the developers will be bringing improves to Exotics. As for the economic side of things, there will be new and better ways to spend materials and even surplus currency. Lastly, there will be an emote interface that will eventually allow players to equip Salt, Six Shooter, Spicy Ramen, and Flip Out all at the same time.

A plausible timeline

Barrett further announced that the studio is still figuring out the specific timelines of the updates. However, most of them are already in development and thus an announcement can be expected soon. He also mentioned about giving higher priority to the planned updates. It is worth noting that some of these updates are not entirely new. For instance, private matches were already added to the original game with "Rise of the Iron' DLC sometime in September last year. Apparently, the studio already promised this addition way before the sequel launched.

The studio also acknowledged the fact that "Destiny" was suffering from a glitched reward system. While they were already able to identify the root cause of the problems, the studio could not provide a plausible timeline for the hotfix.

This is not to mention the issues experienced by players with the reward economy. Case in point, players are getting the same loot level from both strikes and Public Events when the former requires a good amount of time completing it. The list goes on. With the planned updates, players can now hope for better gameplay experience in the future. For now, they will have to endure the issues.