Tanks heroes are perhaps the most significant heroes in “Overwatch.” They give the team the shield needed to absorb damage. Their health base also allows them to keep the team going, most especially if there is a good support around.

In “Overwatch,” one of the most picked tank heroes is none other than D.Va. Apart from her massive health base, her booster allows her to go after opponents. Below are tips on becoming the most effective mech-riding hero on the battlefield.

Use her health to the team’s advantage

Among the mistakes players do with D.Va is staying on the sidelines.

This is just completely wrong. The hero has the artillery and health to be in the core front. This even goes without saying that her Defense Matrix allows her to eat up any incoming attacks.

To give her teammates a window to put massive firepower, D.Va must provide tanking duties in “Overwatch.” She should also be there to protect high-valued characters whenever the enemy team attacks them. More importantly, she needs to anticipate when the right time to attack and fall back.

Make use of her Defense Matrix

Sometimes, D.Va can be so tempting in “Overwatch” when it comes to attacking. This is because she does not reload. She just keeps on firing. However, there are times when the enemy team just unleash tons of attack waves.

This is where her Defense Matrix should be put at play.

Remember that this skill is so great that it can render any incoming attack useless. Heck, even Pharah’s Rocket Barrage can go wasted whenever D.Va deploys her Defense Matrix. So, as much possible, learn to use it from time to time. Deploy it whenever the going gets tough.

Be accurate with the Self-Destruct

D.Va’s ultimate called Self-Destruct is one of the most effective skills that can acquire team kills. But using this is not that easy in “Overwatch.” It requires accuracy, timing, and patience. Most players nowadays rush themselves into using the ultimate, making it useless overall. There are even times where they use Self-Destruct just to escape an ambush.

This may sound good, but it is actually not. As much as possible, use ultimates in the best possible situations only.

D.Va’s Self-Destruct can reap good results when deployed in a choke point. It is also best when synchronized with other ultimates such as Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. Again, the idea here is to guarantee a team kill. This will give the team the advancing power to either capture a point or defend an objective.