Doomfist is already live in the Public Test Realm of “Overwatch.” Obviously, he is under review and adjustment, something that players hope to be completed as soon as possible. They simply cannot wait to use him on the game’s live servers.

Interestingly, a player has found a way to defeat Doomfist in “OverwatchPTR. It is funny and, well, unintended, but it worked perfectly enough to fend off the gauntlet-wearing hero. He definitely deserved the Play of the Game for that match.

McCree’s emote is key

According to Bleeding Cool News, the new character is known to be able to instantly kill opponents using his Rocket Punch.

He basically charges and leaps forward, drawing enemies into a wall. More often than not, the target dies. There is simply no escape unless the player’s aim is poor. Apparently, though, someone found a way to defy the odds in a funny and unintentional way.

A McCree player by the name of Quesogard discovered a trick that somehow let him escape Doomfist’s Rocket Punch in “Overwatch.” Basically, he and his team were advancing on the second point of Temple of Anubis. He was able to deploy his “Deadeye” perfectly, resulting in four casualties. However, the enemy team’s Doomfist was still alive, charging his Rocket Punch.

But the moment the new hero charged forward, McCree turned to his sitting emote, docking the charging Doomfist. From there, the rest was history.

Doomfist got nerfed

That play right there was obviously a beauty in the eyes of “Overwatch” players. The perfect deployment of McCree’s ultimate was perfected by the sitting emote.

Going back to Doomfist, though, the hero just got nerfed on PTR. Basically, Blizzard reduced the length or range of the character’s Rocket Punch from 30 meters to 25 meters. Many believe that the skill was quite overpowered, allowing the user to secretly launch it from afar. While the change was not that big, it still was a significant tweak.

This should somehow make the character balanced in one way or another.

Currently, Blizzard has no exact release date for the Doomfist in “Overwatch.” However, enthusiasts believe that if the studio is following Orisa’s release, then the character could arrive within the very first week of August. According to Bleeding, "there’s no firm date of when Doomfist will be added to the "Overwatch" roster, chances are it will be in August with the Summer Games event." In the meantime, people are having a lot of fun learning how to avoid his best move.