Doomfist is without a doubt the most anticipated hero in “Overwatch.” In fact, when it arrived, tons of players from around the world jumped in and played. Believe it or not, this caused massive issues on Blizzard’s live servers.

This just goes to show how popular Doomfist is. In fact today, he is possibly the most likely pick in both Quick Play and Competitive Play. But seriously, how does one become a Doomfist main? How can one make the gauntlet-wearing hero effective in the battlefield? Well, check out some of the tips below!

Rocket Punch all the way

Unlike most heroes in the game, Doomfist is probably the only character that excels with the alternative fire (right click mouse button). This is because it gives him the one-shot capability, though he still has the normal firepower. Nonetheless, Doomfist is only effective if the Rocket Punch lands on the right target.

Keep in mind that this skill can automatically one-shot a target as long as it hits a wall in “Overwatch.” So, as much as possible, punch those heroes who are next to a wall or something. For sure, they will be eliminated without them knowing it.

Be aggressive, but be smart

It holds true that Doomfist can move from one place to another in “Overwatch” swiftly.

Hence many started using him in dive comps. However, unlike any other heroes, he does not have that escaping mechanism, the moment he used up all of his skill. He has to literally wait for them. This is where aggressiveness should be coupled with strategy.

Always be the aggressor in the team, but make sure that every move is well-calculated.

For instance, do not just Rocket Punch or jump into a Mercy when a McCree is nearby. This guy can easily stop the momentum and send Doomfist back to the spawn area. The key is to anticipate a possible retaliation from the enemy team.

Use Meteor Strike alongside other ultimates

Well, this is basically called synchronization in “Overwatch.” The idea is to utilize ultimates all together to provide awesome firepower.

The same can be applied to Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. As often as possible, use it in situations in which other heroes can complement or benefit. For instance, the ultimate can be deployed alongside Zarya’s Graviton Surge. This makes the attack or defense more solid.

Just use Doomfist’s ultimate with other crowd-controlling abilities in “Overwatch” such as Reinhardt’s Earthshatter. Do not try to waste it on a single hero even if it means scoring a kill. This kind of ultimate is much more effective when used together with other ultimate.