Blizzard has finally released the highly anticipated “Overwatch” hero Doomfist. He is currently available on the Public Test Server, with no definite date on his official launch yet. Interestingly, the studio talked about the hero’s origins and his significance in the lore.

The video game company uploaded a brand new Developer Update video on the official “Overwatch” YouTube channel. The footage features the game director Jeff Kaplan, who confirms the arrival of Doomfist. He also discusses the lore involving the character, as well as his involvement in the Talon group.

Who is Doomfist?

The character is deemed as the 25th hero in the hit shooter game and is of Nigerian descent (west African). Kaplan explains that, contrary to popular belief, Doomfist is a “prominent” member of the infamous group called Talon. He also clarifies that Reaper is not really the sole leader of the group and that there is actually “a counsel of leaders,” who look after the organization. “Sometimes they agree with each other, sometimes they disagree with each other,” Kaplan continues.

Surprisingly, the “Overwatch” hero Doomfist is actually one of the counsels in Talon. His ideology is that humans can become more powerful through conflict alone and that the more they experience this, the more formidable they become.

Since the “Overwatch” members oppose conflict and aim to create world peace, they go in odds with the said character. This is primarily the premise of the hero in the game’s lore.

Winston put him in prison

In the recent story teaser from Blizzard, it was revealed that the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero was in prison. He would later on escape thanks to Reaper and other Talon members.

Kaplan reveals that the character responsible for putting Doomfist in prison is none other than Winston. This becomes Doomfist’s sole reason for seeking revenge. Apparently, the guy wants more than this.

The Developer Update video, which is embedded below, explains that Doomfist does not only want to take down “Overwatch.” He also plans to be the leader of the Talon to influence his worldview of embracing conflict.

He believes that once he is able to achieve this, influencing the human race with this ideology should be a walk in the park. Kaplan promises a more compelling story now that the character is included. Although he does not give out much, he points out that more about Talon should be discussed in future write-ups. This is definitely an interesting turn of events for the entire community.