Games like “Overwatch” does not necessarily require a high-end gaming rig, as its system requirements are not off the charts. A mid-gaming PC (except for those who are on consoles) should be enough to run and play Blizzard’s hit shooter title. The internet connection, however, is a huge exception.

Overwatch” can provide better gameplay experience if players have stable and faster internet connection. This is a must, considering everything that happens in-game is processed in real-time. Unfortunately, players sometimes fail to achieve this stability due to connection issues such as high ping.

What is high ping and how can it be lowered

In its most organic form, a ping is basically there to verify two factors: if a particular IP address exists and if it is able to accept requests. Now, if either of these two is not met, that is when players experience inconvenience when playing. Moreover, this is when lags usually happen, a case that present in most online games of today.

For a competitive game like “Overwatch,” the aforementioned issues are not really acceptable. It greatly reduces the playing power of a player, disallowing him to play accordingly. As a result, he either dies in-game or gets logged out. Interestingly, there is a tool that can help resolve this issue. According to VentureBeat, a startup called Haste is trying to solve this by giving players a more direct connection, something that most ISPs (Internet service providers) tend to neglect.

What is Haste

Haste claims that all of these lag and disconnection issues can be resolved through a certain combination of software and hardware. Their app can intelligently guide a player’s gaming data in order to acquire a far more reliable and responsive connection. In “Overwatch,” for instance,” the tool will route the player’s local connection into a link that can transition the player’s gaming data to a reliable connection.

As a result, the process becomes seamless, allowing the player to experience better gameplay.

As of this writing, Haste is trying to complete the beta phase of the tool. The creators have in fact utilized it on various online games such as “Overwatch,” and so far, it worked. The company’s very own chief executive officer named Adam Toll explained that they plan to add further support to cover almost all online games out there.

He promised that, in one way or another, the app will work effortlessly and automatically. While he did not give any specifics, he was certain that this could just be the tool that every player dreams of.