In “Overwatch,” the most used team comp right now is none other than the dive comp. It is where the most mobile of heroes are being utilized. One of them is the ever lovely Tracer.

Tracer has the ability to move from point A to point B in “Overwatch” without getting noticed. This what makes her a valuable addition to the comp. It also makes her a lethal opponent. So how can one become an effective Tracer? Well, give the tips below a try.

Try to be aggressive

Tracer is a mid-range hero, so she does best in combats requiring short distances. She is far more effective in close-range, though.

Nonetheless, the key to making her effective is aggressiveness. Players must use her in a way that she can be in front of an opponent with ease. Basically, the idea is to place her in situations where she can be dealing damages in front of the enemy.

This is simply who Tracer is in “Overwatch.” She cannot just exchange bullets with other heroes. She makes a living moving from one place to another. So, as much as possible, make use of her Blink skills.

Target the most valued characters

Since her ability allows her to move faster than any heroes in the game, she can be an effective character in killing opponents quickly. This is where players should aim for the enemy team’s high-valued characters.

The latter are Ana, Zenyatta, Mercy, and Lucio, among others.

Tracer’s ability to step in and out of a battlefield makes her a lethal weapon in “Overwatch.” Like other mobile characters, she can also bail out if the going proves to be tough. The key here is to find the right opening that will allow her to eliminate one of the enemy team’s utility heroes.

Aim for the Head always

The beauty about Tracer is her Pulse Pistols. It allows her to rapidly fire bullets straight into an enemy. Since she has the Blink skill, she can move past enemies and kill them. Also, keep in mind that she is a close-range character, making her an effective one-on-one hero. This is where players should be very smart with their aims.

As much possible, it is best to aim for the opponents' head to acquire the most accurate shots. In “Overwatch,” Tracer can simply move in front of an opponent and target his/her head. For instance, she can target Ana. The moment she is near her, try to aim for the head to boost the percentage of killing him. Besides, if the attack proves to be dangerous for her, she can use her Recall to go back in time. Besides, if there is a good support around, she can always retrieve and attack from time to time.