One of the rumored heroes coming to “Overwatch” is none other than Doomfist. This character has been a topic of discussion within the community for a long time. Now, with the release of a brand new update, talks have resurfaced.

Previously, data miners acquired a code from the “Overwatch” game files hinting the second arrival of the Summer Games event. Blizzard neither confirmed nor denied the discovery, though. Nonetheless, with the arrival of a new update, fans might now have an idea of what is about to happen.

Possible release of Doomfist in the game

It holds true that the studio just released patch 1.13 for the game. It appears, though, that this patch will introduce the aforementioned event along with Doomfist. It is worth noting that the patch is only available in the Public Test Realm, which allows players to gain early access to any forthcoming contents and/or contents. However, some players discovered that the crash logs contain information suggesting the upcoming arrival of the aforesaid hero.

Basically, whenever “Overwatch” crashes, a crash log is automatically sent out. This log, in particular, is updated with all the necessary information pertaining to the crash and the root cause of it. Interestingly, the crash logs from patch 1.13 mention the name of Doomfist.

Overwatch – Doomfist/Summer Games,” it reads. Players immediately went to the game’s official Reddit site to discuss their discoveries. All of them believe that, in one way or another, the studio will release the new hero as part of the Summer Games event update.

Doomfist hype train

It seems the hype around Doomfist is back in “Overwatch.” As of this writing, there is no definite answer as to how the hero will exactly be introduced to the game.

As far as the title’s main story is concerned, he owns the Gauntlet, which has been stolen, in Numbani. Meanwhile, the game’s ARG (alternate game reality) suggests that the hero was last seen in an attack involving the location’s airport.

In the “Overwatch” community, the most likely actor to voice the new hero is none other than Terry Crews.

In fact, he himself publicly announced his interest towards the hero and that if Blizzard permits, he wants to be the voice behind the character. Many are even asking the studio to make this happen, as they really cannot see any actor taking the role except Crews. Well, this is definitely something that the players need to look forward to.