For those who have no idea at all, Doomfist is now playable in “Overwatch” Public Test Server. Blizzard just released him a couple of hours ago alongside his Origins story video. The studio also talked about the new hero’s lore and his prominent role in the infamous group called Talon.

According to Tom’s Guide, Doomfist is only playable in the aforementioned “Overwatch” test server, something that only PC players can access. This means that console players will have to wait for the official launch of the hero in order to play him. For PC users who want to try the character, below is a detailed guide.

Accessing Doomfist via PTR

To access the test server of the game on PC, players just need to start their Blizzard app and select the game. Then, go to the upper right corner of the app to access the account/region option. From there, players just need to select PTR and follow the prompts to install the client, which weighs around 10 GB. Once the installation is completed, they should be able to run the game on the PTR. As of this writing, the character’s Intros, Highlights, and even Skins are empty, though these are expected to be filled later on.

Doomfist is Nigerian, who hails from a well-regarded family in Nigeria. His family owns a company that focuses on prosthetic technology. He is a master of martial arts and is someone who loves fighting.

Unfortunately, he loses his arm at the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis. Driven by anger, he decides to undergo his family’s prosthetic experiments to acquire a mechanical arm. He, later on, becomes a member of Talon, a group whose ideals revolve around conflict.

A lover of conflict

In the “Overwatch” lore, Doomfist believes that conflict makes human beings stronger the moment they learn to embrace it.

He eventually faces Winston, Genji, and Tracer in an engaging battle as shown in the Origins story trailer. The footage also clarifies the role of Reaper in Talon, suggesting that the mercenary is just one of the many leaders within the organization. Players thought of him as the sole mastermind behind the group.

Doomfist, on the other hand, is among the counsels of the group.

He is there to oversee everything relating to the organization. However, the new “Overwatch” hero plans to take leadership over Talon and use it to influence the world of his ideology. This is where he brews an impending war that should dictate the future of Earth and its people.