Players in “Overwatch” nowadays are interested in quick, fast-paced heroes. These are characters like Soldier: 76 and Genji, among others. They forget that smoothness can also be a huge factor in the game. This is where McCree comes in.

The revolver expert is a great DPS character when it comes to mid-range combat. Remember that he is even perfect for eliminating the likes of Pharah and Mercy. He also has the skill to stun an enemy, giving him and his Fan the Hammer skill enough breathing space. Below are tips on how to main McCree the right way.

Be steady with that gun

Sometimes in the shooter-themed title, players are used to moving their crosshairs from time to time. They hope to get a better shot while firing at opponents. With McCree, however, this does not necessarily apply. It is actually best to keep his crosshair steady. Just point it on enemies and try to aim at them from a mid-range.

More often than not, this kind of technique can work best for McCree in “Overwatch.” In fact, if his shots land accordingly, the target can easily be killed by two or three bullets. Again, just be steady with that revolver.

Flank and use his Flashbang

The Flashbang is basically a grenade that McCree uses in “Overwatch.” It staggers the enemies when they get hit.

It is a good tool when it comes to flanking, most especially the high-valued characters of the enemy team. This is where he can become more valuable in the battlefield.

The idea is to sneak around the opposing team and target their supports. This could be Ana, Zenyatta, Lucio or Mercy, among others. Once they are in range, just deploy the Flashbang and kill them using the normal fire or alt-fire.

Find a space for the Deadeye

McCree’s ultimate called Deadeye is one of the best ultimates in “Overwatch.” It can guarantee a team-kill as long as it is deployed correctly. This is where players should find a good spot, like on top of a building or behind the enemy. Anywhere that he is not attacked by an opponent should be a good place to use the Deadeye.

Moreover, it is best to deploy the ultimate alongside crowd-controlling ultimates for efficiency. For instance, when Zarya releases her Graviton Surge, McCree can use her Deadeye to finish the targets. He can also have it work along with Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, a perfect ultimate for disabling teammates. As long as the enemies are disabled or they cannot pinpoint McCree’s position, unleashing the Deadeye should not be a problem.