Doomfist is perhaps the hero in “Overwatch” that is getting so much attention from the community. He is still on the Public Test Realm, but players are already feasting on him. There is no reason to believe that his arrival on the live servers will break records after records.

Interestingly, the gauntlet-wearing hero has received a huge buff on the “Overwatch” PTR. This change is even believed to be the unique ever since his arrival on the said test server, as noted by Dot Esports. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The buff from Blizzard

Just two days after his arrival on the test server, Doomfist immediately received a significant nerf. No one complained, though, as they believe what Blizzard did was right. His Rocket Punch’s distance was decreased, coming from 30 meters down to 20 meters. This is an interesting change, considering it is the skill that makes him highly mobile. Apparently, Blizzard’s stealth update introduced a way for players to increase the skill above’s distance.

First and foremost, Doom fist's Rocket Punch animation in “Overwatch” can now be stopped. This is by way of jumping just right at the end of the ability animation. This is where Blizzard introduced the change though. If players can stop the animation just after the animation ends, it will give the hero an extra boost regarding distance.

Here, it is around 10 or more meters, so to speak. If the skill’s animation is stopped way too early, the skill also ends early. If it is late, the hero will just perform an ordinary vertical jump.

Is this realy official?

The only catch, however, is that the patch notes released by Blizzard in “Overwatch” do not contain information referring to Doom fist's Rocket Punch boost.

It was simply discovered by players accidentally, who later shared their discovery online. But if it is true, then perhaps the studio is giving the character a significant advantage. The changes being made to him are completely understandable, as Blizzard is preparing him for his official launch next week. More importantly, the change only proves that Doomfist is a highly mobile character.

Perhaps the studio just wants to unlock each of the hero’s potentials and skills.

Unfortunately, though, this remains to be unofficial despite being noticeable in “OverwatchPTR. So unless Blizzard says so, it is still best to take everything with a grain of salt. Besides, people would soon know as soon as the hero arrives next week.