'Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles' is in its full swing since July 18, its release date. The great things about the RPG-simulation games are the peace and relaxation that players experience throughout just like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. In addition, the developers behind the said game, Prideful Sloth, are on the constant check up. They are currently checking the feedbacks from various users and players who bought and played the game.

Now, the said game is on the PC platform and can be downloaded through Steam. The developer recently released their Update 1, which contains numerous bug fixes including an integrated "X" input, adding cloud saves, and shader compatibility.

Here is the PlayStation 4 debut trailer last year via PlayStation on YouTube:


Players' journey start when the boat was wrecked during a vicious storm. After that, Aaerie entrusts the players with a mission to gather and find the sprites. These sprites will help the players in return. Additionally, the eight islands are forms of paradise, each with different seasons and fauna. However, a black mist is known as "the murk" seals some areas. These made the lives of the inhabitants difficult and their produce scarce. Unlocking these "murks" will cost some sprites. Murk areas require a certain number of sprites to be dispelled. The greater the number of sprites that a player has collected, more areas can be unlocked.

Sprites can be found when an area or object is glowing with a blue aura.

Many things to do such as trading/bartering

People living on different islands in the Gemea frontier have different needs - a good trade is indeed good when it meets demands. For example, a certain town/village is in dire need of plant resources. The trade is easier when the player gathered numerous plant materials such as fodder, herbs, crops, vines, twine, and more.

Players should talk to numerous traders when they can, so they can get the best deals and useful items.

Farming, mining, crafting, and fishing are also present in this game, which appeals to players who love crafting-simulation games. Other players deem Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles as an "open-world Harvest Moon."

Dynamic day-and-night cycle and seasons

Time is one of the essential features in the said game.

Day and night cycle is present along with changing seasons. The flora and fauna of an island changes dramatically and some resources can be found in one certain season. Thus, players should investigate some areas while they can.

Here is the taste of what Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is like. The game is out on Steam now for PC. YouTuber Wanderbots shows us the sneak-peek of the game system and experiences below.