Doomfist is perhaps the most interesting character in the “Overwatch” roster right now. Not because he is new, but simply because his skills are one of a kind. It is safe to say that players have never seen such skill set in the game.

Moreover, Doomfist is a highly mobile character, making him an interesting “Overwatch” hero to utilize. But of course, this also makes him a difficult character to use. Interestingly, the key to this is by way of understanding how he and his skills work alongside other characters.

How Rocket Punch works

The Rocket Punch is perhaps the most interesting skill of the character.

It allows him to move from point A to point B, something that can be likened to Genji’s Swift Strike. The impressive thing about the skill is its ability to one-hit heroes, but only if it is deployed correctly. It does not only knock an enemy back, but it also does massive damage, most especially if the target gets thrown into a wall. This is actually perfect for eliminating high-valued heroes in the enemy team, such as Mercy, Ana, and Zenyatta.

However, Rocket Punch does not always work certain abilities of other heroes in “Overwatch,” as reported by PVP Live. D.Va’s Fligth, for example, may take damage and get knocked back from Doomfist’s said skill, but Doomfist would also acquire chip damage.

The same can be applied to Genji and Reinhardt, though the gauntlet-wearing villain would not get pinned if the latter decides to charge towards the Rocket Punch. Roadhog, on the other hand, is a showstopper. Why? That is because he can still hook Doomfist after deploying the skill, putting a total stop onto him.

Clarifications on Meteor Strike

The Meteor Strike is basically Doomfist’s ultimate in “Overwatch” and is among the crowd-controlling abilities in the game. He leaps into thin air and lands to ground with his fist, sending massive damage and knocking back enemies. However, the ultimate cannot be used to get on top of the buildings, with Route 66’s wrecked train cars being an example.

Interestingly, it can hit Pharah even if she is airborne, though she needs to be within the AoE range of the ultimate.

Doomfist is without a doubt a hero that would soon change the meta in “Overwatch.” He presents a different approach in team comps, though players are starting to understand him as a character on the PTR. Pro players, however, suggest that Doomfist needs the help of long-range healers like Ana and Zenyatta in order to stay alive in the battlefield. This is where support heroes like them would play significant roles in the team comps.