Like any other games, “Overwatch” also has its own issue when it comes to player behavior. Some tend to quit matches early, while others resort to bad mouthing. Either way, this has affected the overall gameplay experience of players.

It is true that “Overwatch” has a report function, but it only works on its PC version. Console users, unfortunately, do not have this functionality, which makes players wonder why Blizzard did not introduce one. While the PC players have a way to go after offensive players, the feature itself is still a broken system.

Why consoles need to have a report system

According to MMOExaminer, having no report system at all results to massive frustration at least on the part of console players. They have no means of letting the studio know about a certain player’s behavior, which is something that needs to be addressed accordingly. After all, there is no way of knowing if a player indeed cheated and/or exploited his way to the ladder, let alone the fact if one threw a game.

Interestingly, a console player by the username of Gonions posted a report of sorts on the official Reddit page of “Overwatch,” stating that he has evidence of another player throwing the game. He mentioned about how this thrower made a mess on the competitive play on PlayStation 4.

While the footage itself was clear proof, there was really nothing he could do about it. The game on the platform does not provide a report system that should have allowed him to ping Blizzard. This should have been an issue worth investigating for.

What Blizzard could learn from Ubisoft’s ‘For Honor’

First and foremost, “Overwatch” and “For Honor” are two different games developed by two different studios.

While the former succeeded on its way to the top, the latter became a mess. Regardless, they both share the same experience on player behavior (though, in “Overwatch’s” case, it is on the console). “For Honor” players basically experienced a huge drought in matchmaking, as some players try to leave early and/or throw the game.

Unfortunately for them, Ubisoft cannot help, as the studio itself did not provide a report or penalty system. While the reason behind this is worth discussing in another article, the outcome it provided is as clear as the skies. Long story short: the fighting-themed title’s player pool decreased dramatically over the course of months.

Overwatch,” on the other hand, might just experience the same fate if Blizzard does not do anything significant. At least for them, the issue is limited on the console platform. Still, this is an issue that needs to be attended to as soon as possible. The developers surely do not want players to lose hope and quit the game.