Video Games have presented players with a collection of memorable characters and personalities over the years. Most of these characters have helped the protagonists and even fought by their sides at one point. While it's true that not all the characters you encounter are useful, there have been some extremely reliable partners throughout different games. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most useful partners to ever appear in video games.

Futaba Sakura

This introverted girl appears in “Persona 5” where she shut herself out of the society due to the guilt she felt from “killing” her mother.

She personally made a request to the Phantom Thieves to steal her heart but she soon realized that she wasn’t the true culprit of her mother’s murder. Futaba gains her own persona known as Necromancer which she uses to support her friends in battle. Despite not appearing as an active participant on the field, Futaba can provide her allies with various buffs and boons during fights. When they’re not raiding palaces or Mementos, Futaba uses her hacking skills to help the team in different ways. There’s no better companion than having a genius hacker like Futaba around to help during sticky situations.


This sheltered girl debuts in “Bioshock Infinite” where she lived in a tower all her life.

Protagonist Booker DeWitt receives a mission from the Lutece twins to free her and bring Elizabeth to New York in order to clear away his debts. While many fans believed that “Bioshock Infinite” would be one long and dragging major escort mission, Elizabeth easily proved them wrong with her dynamic personality and abilities in battle.

Unlike other companions, Elizabeth can stand on her own and is usually busy looking for ammo to give you during battle. She can also open up tears in reality and bring forth skyhooks and rockets to give Booker an advantage during battle. Despite being a sheltered woman, Elizabeth proves that she’s far from naive.


The Last of Us” won over the hearts of many fans because of its deuteragonist, Ellie.

This 14-year-old girl is immune to the ongoing pandemic in the world and was to be delivered to the Fireflies as a means to find a cure. Joel is tasked with watching over the teenager, but there are plenty of times in the game that she also looks out for him too. Ellie starts off with a switch knife that she uses to finish off foes, but the protagonist soon gives her permission to use firearms and other equipment like bows and explosives. After all, if you’re traveling in a post-apocalyptic video game world, you’ll need all the help you can get.