Blizzard finally released the highly anticipated hero in “Overwatch” called Doomfist. He currently lives on the game’s Public Test Realm, and so far, fans are loving him. The character is clearly among the more interesting additions the studio has done thus far.

However, some players have found a couple of bugs involving Doomfist in “Overwatch.” Some are funny, while some are just off the charts. Of course, this is completely understandable considering he is still new in the game.

Just a couple of weird Doomfist bugs

In the official forum site of the game, a user by the name of Kobalt shared his weird experience while playing the new character.

When he checked the hero’s weapons and looked at the gauntlet from the side, the in-game audio stopped. It went back to normal the moment he stopped scrolling. He even noticed how the Rocket Punch skill seemed not to charge when it supposed to. The character’s Hand Cannon animation, on the other hand, tends to stop playing when used.

Some “Overwatch” players even found a way to make Doomfist fly by using his uppercut skill and Rocket Punch at the same time. On the Reddit page of the game, user ACHDGz shared a video showing the character’s bug on Nepal, one of the maps in the game. Once his ultimate is deployed, Doomfist leaps into thin air, but for him to land, players must move the circle to a target.

Apparently, if players just allow the animation to continue, Doomfist can be seen flying and teleporting into the cuckoo side of the map.

Stopping Reaper’s Ultimate and escaping Junkrat’s trap

A YouTube channel called CallOverwatch shared an interesting compilation of all bugs concerning Doomfist in “Overwatch.” Perhaps the most interesting one is where Reaper deploys his ultimate called Death Blossom.

Surprisingly, Doomfist can "instakill” him while using the Rocket Punch. Meanwhile, for anyone wondering how to escape from Junkrat’s trap, Doomfist has the answer. Well, just simply use his ultimate Meteor Strike and viola, Junkrat is left amazed. The downside, however, is that the hero cannot entirely move until the trap is removed.

Still, it is an interesting sight to see.

Nevertheless, these Doomfist bugs in “Overwatch” are completely understandable. The character is new, and therefore, the game’s mechanics are still adjusting. Once these bugs capture Blizzard’s attention, they will eventually be removed. This is primarily the reason why the character is still in the PTR, so as to allow the developers to cover any loophole and to ensure balance once launched on the official servers.