Just recently, Blizzard unveiled a brand new map in “Overwatch, ” and it is called Horizon Lunar Colony. Apparently, though, it was only made available on the game’s public test realm, giving players a taste of what it looks like. However, the studio has finally announced the map’s upcoming official launch, confirming its arrival on the live servers of the game.

The newest plan to arrive at “Overwatch” called Horizon Lunar Colony will be unleashed come June 20. It is deemed to be a two-capture-point assault map, which, of course, brings players on the lunar laboratory where the tank hero Winston was raised.

So far, its reception (when released on PTR) was quite impressive, though some players pinpointed areas believed to be a factor for exploits.

The story behind the Horizon Lunar Colony

Blizzard said that the map mentioned above was built as a step towards humanity’s goal of achieving renewed exploration in space. The colony’s main goal, in particular, was to unravel the mystery behind the “effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation,” referring to both human and ape-like creatures. As far as the game’s lore is concerned, the study proved to be a success. However, everything went haywire when all communications with the base vanished.

The brand new “Overwatch” map has a very interesting feature to offer to the players.

It is no other than the small area with almost zero gravity. It is worth noting that the studio did not want to make the entire map low-gravity. Thus the said area was created instead. The developers believe that by doing so, the very competitive aspect of the game will be ruined. Nonetheless, to give players a taste of such difference, the area above was included.

Besides, it should at least confirm that the map is indeed in a lunar environment.

Interesting facts about the map

To give the entire community a better understanding of Horizon Lunar Colony, the video game company released a developer video (embedded below) discussing the creative process they were undergone. Here, it was revealed that the team revealed some interesting facts about the location.

For example, it was said that the map was originally teased on Dorado, one of the official maps in the game, as an Easter egg.

The “Overwatch” dev team event went to say that they applied some design philosophies in developing it. In fact, the area as mentioned above with low gravity was a result of this. It will serve as an experiment for future developments, so as to see if such feature will prove significant in the overall competition within the title.