Surprise, “Overwatch” fans! The highly anticipated hero Doomfist is finally here. He is currently available in the game’s Public Test Realm and is readily playable.

According to PVP Live, Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist, is an offense hero in "Overwatch." But unlike any other character, he is highly mobile. His skills are enough to deem him a frontline fighter.

Doomfist’s skills explained

Interestingly, the character has a range attack called Hand Cannon, which is his main fire. While this seems to be interesting, his main utility is the ability to charge into the battlefield using the Rocket Punch (alt fire).

He is even capable of slamming the ground that sends enemies into thin air. This can be deployed using the “Shift” button on PC and is called Rising Uppercut.

As for Doomfist’s “E” skill, it is called the Siesmic Slam. Like the Rising Uppercut, he slams the group after leaping forward. For the ultimate, it is called Meteor Strike. Once the “Q” button is pressed, the hero leaps into the air. However, players need to move the targeting circle and press fire in order to strike the targeted area. Otherwise, the skill goes into waste. Lastly, he has a passive called The Best Defense. As he deals damages with his abilities, he momentarily creates a personal shield.

History of the character

Doomfist has an interesting history within the “Overwatch” development team.

He was basically a throwaway line from Chris Metzen, the senior VP of creative design and story development at Blizzard. Eventually, the studio decided to create a hero out of the idea, but they wanted one that could “level a skyscraper.” This hype within the team even went into greater heights when the community suggested Terry Crews to be the voice behind the character.

As soon as everything was ironed out, the “Overwatch” developers started dropping hints, with the first one being at Numbani. Basically, the Gauntlet in the map’s payload appeared to have been stolen. Blizzard described it as an event that took place after a breakout from a Helix security prison. Of course, this was when Doomfist escaped thanks to the help of Reaper and his Talon buddies.

As of this writing, the hero is already available in the test server of the game. This should give Blizzard a means to observe the character’s overall gameplay, allowing them to apply necessary changes. As for his official release on the game, this remains to be a mystery.