PlayStation 4 exclusive title, “Horizon Zero Dawn” receives a massive update 1.30 today, which brings a load of new features. Among these interesting additions includes New Game +, Ultra Hard difficulty, new trophies, and new weapon upgrade options among others.

Latest features added

Guerilla Games released today patch 1.30 that features New game +. This enables players to continue the game while keeping the character’s progress. In other words, the character will not lose the current character progression and collected inventory. However, this is only applicable until level cap of 50.

Beyond that, players will only collect XP.

The patch also rolls in the new Ultra Hard difficulty. This intensifies machine senses and behavior. According to game developer Guerilla Games, this feature, however, restricts player health regeneration. With this, players will not have the option to change to a less difficult setting. The only option is for the player to go to Ultra Hard mode.

Other details

The free patch also added numerous bug fixes, it also added a couple of new trophies for the New Game + and the Ultra Hard difficulty. Apart from those, “Horizon Zero Dawn” patch 1.30 introduces fresh new face paint options and new appearance options for Aloy’s focus. There are also fresh versions of existing weapons with extra modification spaces for more stat customizations.

Moreover, the latest patch integrated support for all US and EU text languages on US and EU games. It also addressed several progression issues. These include fixing the issue in Field of the Fallen where Erend would not appear to several players. This result to players getting progression blocked in this quest. In addition, the free patch also addressed the issue in the City of the Sun.

it fixed some players’ complain of not being able to open the door to Olin’s apartment when teleporting.

During the E3 2017 event last June, Guerilla Games announced that it will have an upcoming expansion dubbed as The Frozen Wilds. It appears that the game developer is still in the process of developing the expansion and the latest free update was released to keep the fans warm and busy while waiting for the expansion.

The gaming studio is also impressively addressing gaming issues reported by players. They are so far doing a great job of responding to player’s complaints while introducing new game features.

We will give you more updates about your favorite game, “Horizon Zero Dawn” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the Frozen Wilds preview below from the recent E3 2017 event.