Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood's first day of their divorce and custody trial has been a tough one, especially for Lisa Marie Presley. Daily Mail reports that Lockwood wasted no time exposing every ugly detail possible about Presley and it is only day one.

Lisa Marie Presley arrived at court in Los Angeles early Monday, August 3, to begin her grueling battle against her soon to be ex- Michael Lockwood over the former couple's divorce settlement and, more importantly, the custody of their 11-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finely.

Presley forced to endure painful past

As previously reported, Lockwood came in fully prepared to use whatever information he could muster in an attempt to sway the judge's decision his way when it comes to gaining primary custody of the twins. Lockwood even went as far as using the recent death of Lisa Marie's son Benjamin Keough against the 52-year-old Presley. Lockwood claims he fully believes Presley could relapse back into her drug and alcohol addictions as a way of coping with her son's suicide.

Lisa claims she has been sober for more than three years but has openly admitted to having struggled with prescription pain pill and alcohol abuse in the past. Last week, Michael Lockwood filed court papers detailing his reasoning behind wanting primary custody of the twins with a huge emphasis being placed on Benjamin Keough's death.

Lockwood claims he has concerns Lisa Marie will relapse

Lockwood stated he also had major concerns with his daughter's safety as there are still guns kept at Presley's mansion in Calabasas where Presley's son committed suicide by shooting himself.

He went on to detail that, in 2017, the girls told him that their mom walked around the house with a gun in her hand.

He also claimed that following Benjamin's suicide he was concerned that the twins would be exposed to conversations about suicide, something that he was uncomfortable with.

Presley makes over $1 million a year claims Michael Lockwood

Lisa Marie Presley reportedly sat quietly listening as Lockwood continued that despite Presley's claims of sobriety he is unaware if Presley is currently sober or not and has asked that the court order random drug tests adding he would also be willing to submit testing also.

Moving on to the financial part of the trial, Lockwood claims he is broke, making only $1,000 a month while Presley earns well over 1 million a year, making it impossible for him to afford similar legal counsel.

The divorce/custody trial is expected to take a month to settle and is already off to a nasty start with Lockwood prepared to use everything at his disposal against his estranged ex. Besides primary custody of the twins, Lockwood is asking that Presley pay all of his legal fees, which have reached $700,000 to date, and spousal support so he may continue living in the way he was accustomed to during their marriage.

Lisa Marie Presley has also claimed financial difficulties claiming she owes more than $16 million in debt.

It appears as if this month is going to continue to be very difficult for Lisa Marie who has already been through such a hard time as Lockwood continues to blast her in court.

However, day two could see Lisa Marie Presley turning the tables on Lockwood when she finally gets to have her say.