Lisa Marie Presley is gearing up to face her toughest court battle yet, her custody case with her ex-husband Michael Lockwood. According to Hollywood News Daily, the daughter of the legendary King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley has been keeping a pretty low profile these days.

While Lisa Marie Presley continues to lay low, ex-fourth husband Michael Lockwood has been on the move in Los Angeles. Lockwood was recently spotted out with his fiancee Stephanie Hobgood picking up pizza and supplies just weeks before his upcoming custody battle is set to kick off.

The former couple is scheduled to appear in court starting on July 20 to argue out custody arrangements for their 11-year-old twin daughters Haper and Finley.

Twin daughters of Lisa Marie Presley may have to miss grandfather Elvis Presley's death anniversary celebration

Lisa Marie and Michael's divorce has not been the most pleasant and the upcoming custody fight could become one of the nastiest celebrity battles of the decade. Presley and Lockwood ended their ten-year marriage in 2016. It has been a tough few years for Lisa, who was forced to admit publicly that she was broke, battling a horrible addiction to prescription drugs, and allegedly swindled out of her millions of inheritance dollars left to her by her father.

Lockwood and Lisa Marie's disagreements have not been mild. In Lisa Marie was forbidden to take her daughters to Memphis Tennessee to celebrate what would have been the 85th birthday of Elvis Presley at Graceland. Despite Lisa filing an emergency court document for special permission for the twins to travel out of state, Lisa was denied and left heartbroken that her children would miss such an iconic milestone celebration honoring their grandfather.

Lockwood and Presley sling a lot of nasty accusations

It could get worse for Lisa Marie Presley. Lisa and Michael are set to start the custody trial on July 20. The courts have allowed a full month to rule on the case. This means if a custody agreement is not in place before August 16, Harper and Finley could be forced once again to miss another Presley family event, the 43rd anniversary of Elvis' death.

Fans prep to honor Elvis Presley at Elvis Week 2020

According to the, Elvis Week 2020 is scheduled to begin on August 8. The week-long fan event is jam-packed with daily events and winds up the festival on August 16 with a candlelight vigil honoring the late Elvis Presley. Lisa and her children, Harper, Finley, Riley, and Benjamin attend the memorial yearly to stand aside Lisa's mom and their grandmother Priscilla Presley to pay their respects to Elvis.

However, if the custody trial is not settled there is a very good chance Lisa Marie Presley will once again be denied bringing the twins along to Graceland. Considering the bitterness and nasty accusations between Lisa and Michael during the divorce odds are the former pair will not be too willing to make nice with each other at this time.

Elvis Presley fans look forward each year to Elvis Week and to seeing Elvis' family members there honoring his memory with them. Fans can just hope that Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood can put their personal issues aside and come to an agreement that best suits Harper and Finley letting them all move on with their lives in harmony once and for all.