"Shameless" fans are prepping to say goodbyes to their favorite Showtime family. With just four episodes remaining in season 11, the buildup to the series finale has viewers dreading the end. Major changes are taking place within the Gallagher family, according to Hollywood News Daily. Spoilers for Sunday, March 21, 2021, and upcoming episodes reveal a climactic ending in store for viewers.

"Shameless" fans can all agree over the past 11 seasons, we have witnessed more than our share of cringe-worthy dysfunctional family moments. However, season 11 just feels different for fans.

Viewers have watched year-after-year Frank Gallagher's dysfunctional parenting skills take a toll on his six children.

Despite being a raging alcoholic and drug addict, Frank has survived a liver transplant, numerous accidents and few attempts on his life. But, in season 11, Frank has been hit with something he has no control over alcoholic dementia. His health is now in rapid decline. This time Frank's state of confusion seems to be affecting his children even harder.

'Shameless' finds Gallagher kids showing more emotion for Frank

The family is showing a lot of patience and tolerance for their ailing father. After being told by the doctor that Frank will get worse, his children appear more understanding.

Changes within the family also include Lip taking charge and putting the house up for sale. It has been a big argument between the siblings, especially with Debs, who wants to keep the family home.

Debbie feels scared that selling the house will drive the family apart. Lip has already moved out with Tami and Freddie, Ian and Mickey and Carl is all making plans to live independently.

Liam is terrified that he will be homeless. But Lip has stepped in once again and tells Liam he will live with him after the house is sold. Oddly enough, no one has mentioned calling Fiona about selling the home. After all, isn't the house in her name?

Mickey is showing a lot of emotion following the death of his abusive father, Terry.

While Ian has been very supportive, he has a hard time understanding why Mickey is feeling so upset.

Frank's health rapidly deteriorating

Next week's episode "DNR" has viewers questioning whether Frank will take a big turn for the worst and possibly meet his maker. It is also suggested that a Gallagher death will take place, but not the most obvious one.

Spoiler rumors include Carl potentially shot in the line of duty. A possibility that Lip becomes dangerously involved with the mob. Finally, Fiona. Not a lot is mentioned about her, and there have been whispers of a COVID-related death.

What is up with Fiona

A Gallagher family death is not for certain. Showtime is doing a good job of teasing viewers.

The family may work things out, move on to their separate living plans. They may have to decide Frank needs round-the-clock care and place him in a home. Showtime could also be leading viewers up for a huge surprise ending for "Shameless", leaving it open down the road for a possible reunion.

In the next three episodes, things will begin to come to a "Shameless" series conclusion. How it ends, we will have to wait and see.

The "Shameless" season 11 countdown has officially started. Only four more episodes remain before we say goodbye to our favorite dysfunctional family. "Shameless" season 11 airs Sundays on Showtime at 9 p.m.