Lisa Marie Presley's current divorce and custody case against soon-to-be-ex fourth husband Michael Lockwood appears to be taking a huge toll on her already fragile emotions. The 52-year-old daughter of the late music icon Elvis Presley was spotted exiting the Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday looking visibly upset and near tears according to the Sun.

Another grueling day in court for Lisa Marie Presley

Presley was described as looking very exhausted and sad following her day in court. As previously reported Presley has been facing a very tough past few weeks following the July 12 death of her son Benjamin Keough.

While Lisa Marie is still obviously and understandably overcome with grief the turbulent court battle over the custody of 11-year-old twins daughters Finley and Harper has apparently completely overwhelmed her.

Michael Lockwood appears to be showing little to no compassion for Lisa during this court battle and is using every possible tool in his arsenal against her. Last week, Lockwood filed court documents asking that Presley be stripped of primary custody of the twins. Lockwood stated several reasons behind hid request with the most important one being he believes that Presley is in danger of relapsing.

Michael Lockwood asks for primary custody of his and Lisa Marie Presley's twins

He claims that Lisa, who has previously admitted to past battles with prescription drug and alcohol addictions is at such a dark time in her life due to her son Benjamin Keough's recent suicide, she is very vulnerable.

Lockwood also claims he feels that given Presley's current state the couple's daughter's safety could come into question. Lockwood doesn't stop with just using Presley's son's suicide against her he also claims he feels very uncomfortable with the girls staying with Lisa because he feels she may engage them in conversations about suicide, something he feels uncomfortable with.

Lockwood showing no sympathy

Michael Lockwood also added that he does not want the girls living with Lisa due to her having guns in the home. As previously reported Michael stated that the girls told him in 2017, that their mom walked around the house with a gun in her hand.

At this time it appears as if Lisa Marie's abilities to parent the children are being called into question at every turn by Lockwood.

Given the daggers, Lockwood is throwing in court it is no wonder Presley is upset.

All is not lost though, Lisa Marie has plenty of ammo of her own and is expected to go right back after Lockwood in the upcoming days. The custody/divorce trial between Presley and Lockwood is speculated to become one of the nastiest celebrity divorces of the decade.

We just hope that given all that Lisa Marie Presley has been through in the past several weeks emotionally and mentally that she remains strong enough to take on Lockwood.