Lisa Marie Presley is going through some tough times. In just the past three weeks, Presley has faced one of the biggest heartbreaks of her life, the tragic death of her 27-year-old son Benjamin Keough. Just weeks after suffering her great loss, Lisa Marie Presley now faces another possibility, and this time she is facing the likelihood on her own, according to Express.

The toughest time of Lisa Marie Presley's life

As previously reported, on August 3, Presley showed up at court in Los Angeles to take on her soon-to-be-ex Michael Lockwood over the estranged couple's twin daughters' custody.

The sad part she appears to be fighting another emotional battle on her own. Lisa Marie's relationship with her mother, Pricilla Presley, has been a very strained one for most of her life. Being the only child of the late King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley and Priscilla has often been described as a lonely existence for Lisa.

Presley arrived alone in Los Angeles to battle Michael Lockwood for custody of the girls, and it has not been an easy time for Lisa. During the days following Presley's son Benjamin Keough's tragic death, Lisa was often spotted with her oldest daughter Riley Keough and Diana Pinto, (Benjamin's girlfriend.)

Michael Lockwood questions Presley's mental state

Not to be seen publicly comforting Lisa Marie was her mother, Priscilla Presley, and her half-brother Navarone Garibaldi.

Garibaldi was also noticeably absent from Benjamin's funeral, according to an unnamed Presley family source.

This leads many Presley family news followers questioning just who is Lisa Marie getting her emotional support from during these difficult times?

It is no huge surprise that Navarone skipped out on Ben's memorial service. Garibaldi and Presley have not had the best sibling relationship over the years.

In fact, little has been said about Navarone since 2017 when Garibaldi publicly slammed Lisa Marie on Instagram, posting that Lisa was not a nice person calling her a f*****g c**t all before wishing her dead.

Navarone quickly deleted the "wishing her dead" comment, but not before numerous Presley fans saw it.

It has been suggested that Lisa and Navarone have never really gotten along well, and that sibling rivalry and Priscilla Presley was behind the step-siblings animosity towards each other.

Presley family's troubled relationships

Despite Navarone skipping his nephew Benjamin's memorial, he did share a nice tribute post on his Instagram page. It is not known how much time Priscilla is spending with her daughter during her difficult times. However, like Navarone, Priscilla posted her sadness on her social media page also.

With all the ill feelings between Lisa Marie and her mom and stepbrother, who supports Presley emotionally?

Ok! reports that Lisa has leaned on ex-husband Nicholas Cage some for support these days.

Things do not look as if they will ease up anytime soon for Lisa Marie Presley, especially during the divorce and custody case. Lisa's ex Lockwood is bound and determined to win custody of the couple's daughters and has been calling Lisa Marie's fragile state a concern.

Lockwood feels that Presley, who claims she has been sober for three years, may relapse and slip back to her old ways of depending on pills and alcohol to help her cope.

Lisa Marie Presley was reported to have left the courthouse today visibly upset, and we hope that she has someone by her side offering her comfort and support during these hard times.