Lisa Marie Presley's daughter actress Riley Keough shared a touching and painful tribute to her late brother Benjamin Keough, on Instagram, Saturday morning. The beautiful post was truly heartbreaking and described the great pain that Riley is feeling since her only brother passed away tragically on July 12.

Riley Keough lost without late brother Benjamin

Tragedy, court, and financial woes for Lisa Marie Presley

As previously reported by Blasting News, Presley's only son died on July 12 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The shocking, sad news was confirmed by Presley's rep.

Lisa Marie is reportedly in "denial and inconsolable". Sources close to the singer claim Lisa can't stop crying and is having difficulty accepting that Benjamin is really gone.

It has been a very tough time for Lisa Marie Presley, not only has she suffered one of the greatest losses of her life, but she is also currently engaged in a brutal divorce/custody case with ex-Michael Lockwood.

Michael Lockwood goes after Lisa Marie's bank account

According to the Daily Mail, Lisa may end up paying her ex close to $250,000 in order to divorce her fourth husband Michael Lockwood because he claims he’s too poor to afford his own lawyer. The 59-year-old Lockwood claims that he is suffering major financial difficulties and that his income has been severely affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He believes Presley should be responsible for his reoccurring legal fees.

Lockwood also claims he is in debt for more than $1 million dollars with his only source of income coming from small royalty checks adding that his income is not even close to that of his ex's income. It is a lot for Lisa Marie Presley to deal with all at once.

The nasty court battle does not end there for Presley. Lockwood and Lisa Marie will also be battling over the custody of the former couple's 11-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finely. Lisa is asking for full custody. Should the judge rule for split custody it is a safe bet to assume that Lockwood will also be asking Presley for child support and possibly spousal support.

Lisa is also suffering from financial difficulties. In 2018 Presley revealed that she was broke having less than $20,000 left of her Elvis Presley inheritance. Lockwood and Presley's divorce/custody battle is set to unfold beginning on July 20 and is hoped to be settled before August 8 which is the official start date for Elvis Week 2020 in Memphis. Hopefully, the trial will be over and things will work out for the best for all involved, especially the children.

It will be a lot for Lisa Marie to deal with, fans continue to post their condolences and words of encouragement to Lisa and family as they navigate these difficult days. At this time details concerning Benjamin Keough's memorial service have not been publicly disclosed. It has been speculated, but not confirmed that Benjamin may be laid to rest at Graceland alongside his grandfather Elvis Presley.