Tom Sandoval is more than a restaurant owner and bartender. The 37-year-old is also a reality star, who can be seen on Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules," and a partner of men's cosmetics and skincare line Stryx.

While appearing on the August 5 episode of "Daily Mail TV," Tom opened up about his thoughts on men's makeup, revealing that while the item is typically catered to women, he's been known to wear it more often than not. "Everybody knows who I am as a person but you might be surprised to know that if I'm leaving the house, I'm probably wearing concealer," he revealed, adding that he's been doing so since his modeling years.

Tom Sandoval Modeled For 15 Years

Before making a name for himself on "Vanderpump Rules," Tom, who has been in a committed relationship with Ariana Madix since season three of the show, modeling pretty regularly for 15 years and recalls being a bit confused by the gender stereotypes he faced while on set. As he shared, he would often see makeup artists spending several hours making up the female models while he was given nothing more than some lip balm.

According to Tom, he was working in the world of modeling during a time when the digital systems first began being implemented into photographs. As he explained, at the time when he was a model, photographers weren't able to edit photos in the way that they can now, and oftentimes, he would see that he had a blemish when the photos were developed.

While Tom certainly could have ignored the issue and left matters into the hands of those working on the images, he instead grabbed the bull by the horns and enlisted the help of a professional makeup artist, who ultimately helped him find the perfect products for his skin and showed him how to use them. "It's been in my repertoire ever since," Tom Sandoval shared.

Tom Sandoval Wants To Do Away With The Stigma Around Men Wearing Makeup

Speaking to the Daily Mail TV, Tom Sandoval said that while some believe makeup should only be worn by women, he wants to break the stigma by standing up for straight men and letting them know that it is okay for them to wear cosmetics. "There's nothing embarrassing about it," he insisted.

Tom Sandoval Teased His Appearance On Instagram

Prior to his appearance on Wednesday's episode, Tom took to his Instagram Stories to tease his fans and followers of what was to come. "Hey everyone! Today on 'Daily Mail TV,' I'm going to be talking about my new partnership with Stryx, a men's cosmetic line. Great little piece. Check it out," he told his online audience. "It will be on today. Check for times when Daily Mail TV comes on. It should be on... I think it's on FOX in St Louis around like, 2. KTLA at 5 p.m. in L.A. and the rest you gotta look up."

A new season of "Vanderpump Rules" has not yet been confirmed by Bravo TV.