"90 Day Fiance" critics got all steamed up when Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi returned to season 7 of the TLC show. It came shortly after the huge drama where Rebecca Parrot confronted Angela, who later allegedly physically assaulted Avery Mill's mom. The drama-filled Tell-All almost topped Laura Jallali's ectopic pregnancy claims that got fans worked up as well. But, the complaints came ahead of season 7, which generally, fans often term as a "snooze-fest." Now season 7 draws to a conclusion soon, fans grow irritated as it looks like so many stories got scripted, almost as though TLC created a bad storyline and cast bad actors in the role.

Many people just liked seeing Angela and Michael again as they are familiar with their drama.

Improbable storylines on '90 Day Fiance' annoys fans of the TLC show

Certainly, those people who think the season's a snoozefest seem to have good reasons for it. That's despite Tania Maduro probably managing the title of the most hated person in any "90 Day Fiance" season. Recently, fans grew very upset because the show presented Mursel going back to Turkey. For starters, the couple irritated everyone, it seems because he and Anna Campisi communicated via a translator app. And, it's not the best you can get, either. So, it made watching their segments really hard to watch.

In fact, memes abounded on Twitter about the silent conversation that ended up with Anna in tears and Mursel looking like he just swallowed a live bee.

Apart from the fact that he's since been seen in the USA, fans also hated that Anna's kids couldn't stand him. But, these miniature dramas, for seasoned "90 Day Fiance" fans, really never delivered the goods. Now, the controversy over another improbable storyline arose on Instagram. This time, fans let their displeasure out.

Jasmin and Blake's improbable '90 Day Fiance' scene

Fraudedbytlc on Instagram is a reliable spoiler account, in fact, they also run the "90 Day Fiance Fraudcast" podcast.

They went online a couple of days ago to discuss the scene where Jasmin supposedly asked Blake "to skip his friend's birthday" in the dinner scene. Their info suggests it was "producer scripted." After all, they suggest that Jasmin not getting on with Blake's friends is a faked storyline. In fact, they went to an unfilmed party for Bennett and she "had fun." The admin suggested that "production makes it much worse than it really is."

Fed up fans complained about all the manufactured drama. And, bear in mind, it's actually considered quite tame anyway. One critic commented, "I thought so - their scenes seem so forced. I mean that her sister won the green card lottery and that Blake lives so close to where she is makes for fun speculation.

but they’re trying too hard to make their story “controversial.” Another one complained about bad storylines and bad actors.

Allegations of bad actors fulfilling really bad storylines in '90 Day Fiance'

Many critics complained, but one follower commented on Blake and Jasmin's story. It pretty much summed up what so many other people think of this season. It seemed many others agreed with their take on season 7 of the show. They wrote, "Everything with them and Sasha and Emily seems so disingenuous to me like they created a storyline and then cast really bad actors."

Well, luckily, the new season of "90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" comes soon. Although fans really don't want to see more of Darcey, the show can only be an improvement on the current one, fans feel.

In fact, we reported that the trailer for the show got a good reception. Screenrant reminded viewers that the show "returns Sunday, February 23 at 8 PM EST on TLC." That's not too many sleeps now before disgruntled fans hopefully find a more believable and interesting season to watch.

What do you think about fans growing irritated with this season of the TLC show? Do you think that TLC "created a storyline and then cast bad actors?"

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