"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 arrives on TLC this Sunday. On Halloween, TLC dropped a new teaser for the show and it revealed that Angela Deem and her Nigerian man Michael return yet again. Many fans now believe that's why Avery Mill's alleged claim that Angela assaulted her mom at the "Tell-All" of "Before the 90Days" got cut. Many fans might have been very angry about her return if they saw the alleged incident. And, many fans, in fact, vented their fury and disgust that she returns yet again, anyway.

Fan react and vent their fury after seeing the new '90 Day Fiance' Season 7 teaser

On Twitter just days after Anglea Deem got into a number of ugly confrontations on the "Tell-All," a teaser dropped. TLC shared the new teaser with the caption, "Time is running out and the pressure is on! These new couples have only 90 days to get married or pack their bags. Tune in to the season premiere of #90DayFiance Sunday at 8/7c." No hint of Angela Deem's return came there.

However, in the actual video, we see Angela getting botox. She's all excited because Michael's coming across to the USA but of course, we see her dramatics, and yelling and performing as the botox jabs hurt. Fans might doubt they actually get married, although that's what the vid teases.

After all, we heard it numerous times in multiple seasons of the show and spinoffs. But not all fans of "90 Day Fiance" are happy about it and they're venting their fury and disgust on social media.

Twitter followers react to Angela and Michael coming back again

On Twitter, fans instantly started commenting their reactions.

One wrote, "So much for watching it as scheduled...IF I watch, it will be on demand so I can fast forward through any sign of Angela. TLC, Jesse on the Tell All was low... but bringing back the vile cow, after she attacked Avery's mom is a new low. #boycottangela." Another said, "We’re done with Angela TLC, her abuse is appalling not entertaining."

More disgusted "90 Day Fiance" fans spoke out."Angela's vile, vulgar, repulsive, disgusting, abusive, repugnant, UGLY self is back?!

After attacking Avery's mother at the tell all? She SHOULD have had charges pressed against her!! Shrew!!" said one angry follower.

Instagram fans vent about Deem on season 7 of '90 Day Fiance'

Across Instagram, the news arrived, and fans commented about it. The @90dayfiancecraycray account shared the news. They captioned their post with, "ANGELA IS ON SEASON 7 of 90 Day. DA F*CK." "90 Day Fiance" fans commented, as expected. Here's what some of them said about it:

  • "I hoped we had seen the last of her."
  • "they should’ve apologized to the cast!!! The tell all was b*m sh*t!!! It’s never ok to bully based on religion!!’ Or to get physical with someone!!! I refuse to watch the new season !!’"
  • "Why? So it can turn into an episode of Snapped when she finally snaps and does something to Michael? I guess if you're aiming for crossover TV there you go. Buried in the Backyard execs should also be on high alert."
  • "She should be sewing that mouth shut instead. Because nothing good ever comes out of it."
  • "That is f**k up !! TLC What’s wrong with you this lady should not be on TV."
  • "So, so disappointed that I have to suffer through another season of that trash...will be fast forwarding through her segments."

Many similar comments came from viewers of the "90 Day Fiance" show.

Good for the ratings think fans who hate glorifying bad behavior

On her Instagram a few days back, Rebecca Parrot noted that people shouldn't glorify bad behavior like Angela's on the "Tell All." But, it seems TLC simply does not care as they repeatedly bring Angela Deem back on the spinoffs despite people complaining the show rewards bad behavior. Several fans on Twitter and Instagram commented that if the ratings are good, TLC will run a couple until the story's done.

What do you think about fans reacting with anger and disgust that Angela Deem and Michael return? Are you angry, or do you think she's entertaining?

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