"90 Day Fiance" Season 7 brings us Tania and her South African boyfriend Syngin. His 70s hairstyle and all that hair don't go down well, but many fans think he's a lot brighter than he looks.m Meanwhile, Tania critics roast her on Twitter as the hate piles on. Actually, they think she's extremely controlling, unrealistic, and she's gonna lose Syngin who, if he's got any sense, dumps her. They especially can't get over her wanting kids and travel while living in her mother's shed.

Naturally, Syngin's not keen on kids and says that she's "writing the story" and he's "just a character."

Tania lives in a shed and demands kids from Syngin - '90 Day Fiance' fans roast her on Twitter

In the episode this week, for some unknown reason, Tania's friends keep pitching up on the scene. Fans can't get over it. Like, her man wants some private time with her. Plus, they keep giving these knowing glances at each other, which Syngin seems to completely miss. But, maybe he's not as unperceptive as we think. She's the one who somehow turns the conversation around to how Syngin needs to get his life in order, but she's got some rather odd priorities, fans think.

In fact, the "90 Day Fiance" newcomer's determined to have kids, with or without him.

Some fans fear that he better not rely on her for birth control. Others just hate that she comes over as so controlling. Plus, it could be that there's a few flaws in her so-called short overseas association with him. After all, I reported that she went to Thailand with him, something she failed to mention in her little recap of how they met.

So, how she never mentioned kids before seems a bit odd.

Roasting Tania - fans predict Syngin dumps her as she's way too controlling

Over on Twitter, plenty of TLC fans said their piece about Tania and the kids, plus they roasted her for keeping the friends on tap all the time. After all, she's not a teenager. One critic said, "Tania may think she has him where she wants him, I don't think so.

To soon, to fast (sic)." Another agreed, writing, "If Tania always wanted children she should have worked on looking for a good husband who could help support the kids. Instead, she's been living like a brainless know-it-all twit and she has nothing."

Meanwhile, one "90 Day Fiance" follower suggested Syngin is not actually stupid. They wrote, "Syngin is smarter than he looks. Now he can't say later though that he didn't already know what Tania was up to when his life doesn't go in the direction he wanted! He deserves so much better." Then came another comment about that. This one said, "Tania, big no, way too self centered. Syngin, get that approval & bolt.

Be a fire[man] & celebrity but leave that in the dust."

Critics fear Tania plans tricking Syngin into becoming a father

Other "90 Day Fiance" critics fear for Syngin. He doesn't want kids at all right now. But, she's out there telling him the way it's gonna be. One person noted, "Tania is living in an alternate universe. Also, she has nothing & wants to have a baby #90dayfiance It takes money honey." Another observed, "Tania just wants a sperm doner.

How can she be talking about having a child when you live in a d*mn shed (sic?)" Then there's these memes that Syngin would do well to take note of:

More roasting from critics

There's more, much more roasting for Tania. It looks like this season's going to be about Tania and the way she irritates "90 Day Fiance" fans. Plus, the beekeepers might also get their dose of it, but that's another story.

On Tania, another roasting came because she likes smelling Syngins armpits and playing with his hair under there. One disgusted critic said, "EW TANIA!! Who wants to play with underarm hair??!!! WTF!!! #90DayFiance No."

Well, it certainly looks like Tania's not getting the love this season on "90 Day Fiance." Actually, last week Syngin asked people not to troll on her, but the ball's away and rolling down the hill now. One thing Syngin will need to learn is that people love to hate on TLC cast members. And, right now, he's lucky he's not getting the brunt of it.

What do you think about Tania demanding kids, being controlling, and keeping her friends around all the time?

Do you think she might try and trick Syngin into becoming a father? Does she really deserve such a roasting on Twitter?

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