"Bad Boys For Life" continues to soar to new heights at the box office, and thanks to its massive fan base, it should be no surprise that the movie had a big opening weekend. It's seeing strong results in its second weekend in theaters. Only two weeks into its run at the box office, its already soared past a major box office milestone.

The Wrap has reported that "Bad Boys For Life" crossed the $100 million domestic box office mark on Sunday, a major success for a film that's only in its second week in theaters. The third film in the '90s franchise brought in $68 million for its opening weekend.

It has already set the new record for the biggest opening day in January and has broke box office predictions.

'Bad Boys' manages to rake in the money even with its R-rating

The third film was given an R-rating, making it even more impressive that it's hitting the $100 million mark. "Bad Boys For Life," brought back Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, reprising their popular characters for the first time since 2003's "Bad Boys II." As it continues to see success, it's cementing itself as one of 2020's first blockbusters. The film has earned massive praise from critics for Smith and Lawrence's performances and the film's success at breathing new life into the franchise. CinemaScore awarded the film an A rating, and Rotten Tomatoes shows the film receiving an audience score of 97 percent.

It's easy to see why the reaction has been positive. It brings back Mike Lowery and Marcus Barnett for an action-packed mission in the heart of Miami. The latest film has brought back elements that made the first two so popular.

'Bad Boys' looking to continue the story in new ways

Box Office numbers are showing that fans are not tired of this action franchise, leading to the cast and crew working hard to keep the story going.

Will Smith has confirmed that a fourth sequel is already in early development stages. Spectrum has released a spin-off series "LA's Finest," which has the potential to be included in future films. "L.A.'s Finest," premiered last May and ended its first season on June 17. Spectrum renewed the show for a second season, set to air later this year.

There were talks of the show to crossover into "Bad Boys For Life," but logistically it didn't work out.

While "Bad Boys For Life," is seeing success, you can't pass over Sam Mendes "1917," which is also crossing over the $100 million mark, thanks to its wins at the Golden Globes, and its status as an Oscar frontrunner. It will be interesting to see if word-of-mouth can keep "Bad Boys For Life" seeing success at movie theaters.