'90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days' Season 4 comes in February from TLC. The fourth season promises much more drama and oddly-matched couples that the current season of "90 Day Fiance." The preview dropped on Tuesday night, and yes, all the trainwrecks fans find so fascinating play out, it seems.

The new cast for season 4 of '90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days'

Apart from featuring the first lesbian couple, there's a rather large catfisher, Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks return, and there's a Nigerian "star." Plus, we see an Azan-type who measures his woman in percentages.

It looks like another couple similar to Caesar and Maria return, as well. While some of the trainwrecks look similar to previous "90 Day Fiance" shows that actually got the ratings, others bring something new.

Before we get to fan reactions, let's take a brief look at the couples' bios. The information for these came from US Weekly. We see Geoffrey aged 41 who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee. Two previous marriages failed and he lost his son. He's keen on Varya, 11 years younger than him from Russia. Next, we see the new "90 Day Fiance" lesbian couple, Stephanie and Erika. Steph comes from New York and fell in love online with Erika, a photographer from Australia. There's a five-year gap between them.

More Info about the next season couples

There's a woman from the Philippines, Rosemary. At 23-years-old She's much younger than 54-year-old Ed. Then, we see another Australian on the "90 Day Fiance" season. Ash lives in Australia where he's a relationship coach. But, Avery from Seattle dislikes that he spends loads of time with other women.Next up, the Nigerian, Usman supposedly has a massive fan base.

Lisa, aged 52 comes from York, Pennsylvania,and she doesn't trust him. It sounds a bit like Angela and Michael and he's way younger than her.

Apart from Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks, who feature yet again, the remaining couple is David aged 60. Coming from Las Vegas, he falls in love with Lana, 27, from Ukraine. Much like Maria and Caesar, she "ghosted him" multiple times.

This time, he's making his final effort to meet with her in person.

Fans react to the preview for '90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days' - excited for the train-wrecks

On YouTube, the preview, which you can view below, got many "90 Day Fiance" fans feeling they're up for an entertaining season. Here's what some of them said:

  • "So let's recap, we got another Nigerian prince marrying a grandma, someone estimating their fiancee in satisfaction %, the Darcy, and a Ukranian woman that only chats...sounds familiar & great & I'm ready for this trainwreck!!!!!!"
  • "Her face when he asked “you like?” I wonder what she was expecting...how bad was she cat fished?"
  • "The first guy looks like a bag of cheetos Edit: OMG 70% GOOD? IS THIS ANOTHER AZAN I SEE."
  • "Its nice to see a lesbian couple though. Im interested to see how they will steer the drama with this one."
  • “After I met my soulmate... on Instagram”... cue montage of s*xy man chopping wood and sweating - can’t wait for this one, gonna be a train wreck!"
  • "That poor little guy with the neck problem, its heartbreaking to see him rejected. Wish he didnt set himself up for that potential outcome."
  • "I smell draaaaaama, better than 90 day fiancé I can't stand Syngin's girlfriend and Robert."

What did you think of the preview for the next "Before The 90 Days" season? Do you think it's gonna be a trainwreck and an entertaining event?

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