"90 Day Fiance" fans heard from Fox News and other mainstream outlets that NBC plans on closing down their company, Peacock Productions. Rumors on social media revealed some fans worry that it might affect the TLC show. That's because, as Fox mentioned, "the company that produced programs like "Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact," ... and multiple "90 Day Fiancé" specials, will be closing its doors in March. However, the popular Instagrammer and owner of Fraudcast @FraudedByTLC podcast reassured fans.

Concerned '90 Day Fiance' fan answered on Peacock Production shutdown fallout

Fraudedbytlc cranked up over 70,000 followers on Instagram. Plus, huge numbers of followers tune in to listen to the Fraudcast that they run. Over on their Instagram account, followed by numerous bloggers and cast members of the TLC show, Frauded did a question and answer session on Wednesday night. One of the questions came from a concerned fan who worried about Peacock Productions.

The fan asked, "Are the rumors about 90 day fiance being canceled at all true? The card also had "NO!! GOD PLEASE! NOOOOOOOOOO!!" Frauded replied, saying, "If you are talking about the peacock production company being dissolved at TLC, fear not." They added, "They only produced some of the tell alls.

The show itself is produced by Sharp Productions." Then, they noted, "As far as I'm aware it's not going anywhere."

Initial rumors of cancellation sparked by tabloid

Celebuzz, a non-mainstream tabloid possibly freaked out fans of the TLC show with an article they ran on January 16. Their article suggested that the show's in trouble.

Titled, could this be the end of '90 Day Fiance?' they wrote, "could this all be coming to an abrupt end?" Then they went into various "90 Day Fiance" scandals and noted: "the network could be in some hot water and ready to cancel the show altogether."

Then they factored in Peacock Productions closing down and wondered about how this could impact the TLC "Tell Alls." Naturally, some uninformed fans of the franchise panicked at the way the story presented a possible cancellation of the franchise.

Well, thankfully, from what the Fraudcast owner says, with all their insider sources, it seems like the show will go on. Concerned readers could possibly ask themselves when they hear these rumors, "is mainstream media covering this story?" That's often a good benchmark when it comes to rumors.

In other news from Fraudedbytlc, Syngin being single ranks as BS

In the same question and answer session, @fraudedbytlc ask answered a question about Syngin Colchester and his Live video where he said he's single. Blasting News reported that "90 Day Fiance" fans saw his Live vid. But the Live later got deleted. We noted that maybe he deleted it due to his NDA with TLC.

One follower asked Fraudedbytlc about that.

They showed a meter, indicating they measure it very highly as just BS. What do think? Are you happy to hear that the Fraudcast@FraudedByTLC, with loads of connections, believes that shutting down Peacock Productions won't cause any type of cancellation of the popular TLC show?

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