The "90 Day Fiancé" stars, Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi are planning on getting a dog soon. Rebecca Parrott posted cute black dogs on her Instagram account. She told fans to take a look at how adorable they looked and asked how to take good care of them. The reality star ended by saying that Zied wanted a big dog, and she wanted a small one.

Fans loved the photo. One of them expressed her wish to lay on the ground and let them give her "puppy-kisses." Rebecca asked her if they just became best friends.

Fans suggest what dog Rebecca Parrott should buy

One of her fans suggested a poodle. He told the "90 Day Fiancé" alum, "Get a standard size poodle , they are the best!!! Poodles even have their own emoji :) seriously they don’t shed, they are super smart, kids friendly... They love water, Germans used to use them for wild duck hunting. When someone rings your doorbell they will bark like German Shepherds."

Another one suggested she adopt, and she replied, saying that the best dog she ever had was a rescue dog.Another fan told her that he felt like purebred dogs had more problems and that he had a Pug/Boxer mix that could walk without a leash. He also asked the reality star to check around her place for any foster dog places so that she would not be so committed.

Rebecca replied, saying that she never thought of it. She also said that it was a great idea.

Another fan gave a brilliant lecture on some dogs, saying that she owned a pug dog, and all "smoosh" faces had the potential of having a breathing problem in the future. She continued by saying that "Frenchies," Bulldogs, and Pugs were prone to brachycephalic airways syndrome.

The fan noted that the syndrome required expensive surgery. Then she concluded, saying that her aim was not trying to discourage Rebecca because they were great dogs, but she just wanted the mother of three to know about the cons before she got a "smoosh" faced dog and gets hit with a surprise. Rebecca replied, saying that she has heard of the expense, but the dogs were worth it.

Some fans jumped conclusions saying Rebecca wanted to buy a dog

A fan commented that it was scary how people were ignorant. He told Rebecca and other supporters to stop buying dogs when there were so many dogs dying. He asked them to rescue and save a life.

The "90 Day Fiancé" cast member was quick to clear that confusion up by asking the person not to be hateful because no one said she wasn't looking into adoption. She also reminded him that there were "Frenchie" rescues too. She added a heart emoji.

Another fan sounded out, saying that he could not believe Rebecca wanted to buy a dog when there were millions of dogs up for adoption. Rebecca replied, saying that there were rescues for "Frenchies," and they are also in the shelter. She also noted that the fan was jumping to a conclusion, like some others.