"Teen Mom" fans saw a preview for the "Teen Mom: Young Moms Club" that MTV premieres April 22. It looks like "Teen Mom" fans are unimpressed with it as the original show, "Pretty Little Mamas" never came with the "TM" tag in front of it. Now, they think the added tag is just a way to try get some ratings. Actually, Brittany DeJesus, the sister of Briana DeJesus, from "Teen Mom 2," shared it as well as MTV. In her post on Twitter, she asked, "wtf is this?" Plenty of fans had their say about it, mainly as the original "Pretty Little Mamas" only aired for two episodes.

'Pretty Little Mamas' with a 'Teen Mom' tag annoys MTV followers

Fans were totally confused and annoyed when they tuned in back in September, to watch the third episode of "Pretty Little Mamas" and it simply wasn't there. People.com reported that the show "follows a group of best friends in San Diego — Nicole, Chandlar, Nikki, Alyssa, and Cheyenne — as they juggle the demands of their luxurious lives all while raising their children." They also noted that MTV's website returned a 404 error. So, with no explanation, it went away, which annoyed fans.

This week, US Weekly reported that it's come back again, and that annoyed fans all over again. This time, they're annoyed with the "Teen Mom" tags in the show name.

"Young Moms Club" very much the same story, introduces a new cast member named Heather, and that seems to be the only change. Also, fans grew critical because yet again, they feel MTV's encouraging and glamorizing teenage pregnancies.

Fans of 'Teen Mom' react on Twitter

Over on Twitter, not many fans came up with anything good to say about the return of "Pretty Little Mamas" disguised as "Young Moms Club." Here's what some of them said about it:

  • @tris**: (on it being the same show they canceled) "They did! I bet they think renaming it will help."
  • @Trev**: "I wish they would stop making new franchises lol I can't keep up. I think some of these kids get pregnant just to be on one of these shows. I hope not though."
  • @tg**: "If it failed as the show pretty little mamas, you really think adding the words teen mom to it will help? Those moms were spoiled rich girls that no one could relate to."
  • @Cha**: "No one watched it so they added the name Teen Mom hoping it would sell. Not buying."
  • @Mil**: "I thought you guys were all about preventing teen pregnancy? Not glorifying it."
  • @tex**: "didn’t y’all already try this show once before and it was terrible?"
  • @wam**: "MTV’s new market strategy, just slap that “Teen Mon” sticker and it’s brand new!"

As you can see, these fans definitely hate the idea of "Pretty Little Mamas" coming back under the "TM" label. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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