"Teen Mom's" Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to share pictures of her new Silkies. They are so cute and the three photos showing her cuddling them really reveals Jace's features in his mom. Loved ones come in all shapes and sizes but as her fans commented, no doubt there will be a rush of clickbait articles titled about her "adding to her family."

Fans of 'Teen Mom' react to the post by Jenelle Evans

Jenelle often gets a lot of haters, but she also accumulated loads of fans over the years. Many of them understand that "Teen Mom" producers often slant an angle to keep viewers coming back.

As one fan said, she does not necessarily like all the decisions Jenelle ever made, but she is "super-cute." Many others loved the picture and chimed in with their comments. After all, Jenelle does look young and cute and happy with her silkies. Here's what some fans had to say to Jenelle:

  • "Love this @j_evans1219 I am a huge huge huge fan of you."
  • "these are gorgeous pictures of you love your eyes. Cool you love animals."
  • "You are super cute."
  • "Your face expression looks just like Jace in the second one! Cute pics."
  • "I think you're beautiful your not annoying either,"

Clickbait title predictions on Jenelle Evans' Silkies

Jenelle captioned her post with, "I’m a new mom all over again!" "Teen Mom" fans got onto it straight away, predicting a whole lot of articles coming out with clickbait titles about her expecting a new baby, being a new mom, or adding to her family.

Certainly, that's going to happen. Anything to get a click these days seems to be what a lot of tabloids do. One fan said, "Cue clickbait for "jenelle has a new baby" lol." Another noted the same thing, commenting, "I can c this being a click bait article now lol, cute babies."

In fact, it turns out that the new babies in Jenelle's life are actually young Silkies, a kind of chicken.

In answer to some "Teen Mom" fans who asked her what type of chickens they are, Jenelle confirmed the breed, adding that they also "have Buff Orpingtons and White Leghorns." Interestingly, many fans of Teen Mom love chickens too and one follower wrote, "the love for chickens I have is real ."

Silkies are chickens and Jenelle Evans loves them

The incidents of clickbait are also so real.

Incredibly, the type of articles that leave people guessing from 'trick' titles seems to proliferate by the day, despite Facebook threatening to shorten their reach. Even Google apparently has issues with clickbait titles, but that's not always evident in their search results. Perhaps fans like those of "Teen Mom" and Jenelle Evans should replace those fancy algorithms that just don't seem to work.

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