"Teen Mom OG" saw the last of Farrah Abraham, but given her raunchy new line of business and her upcoming appearance on "Ex on the Beach," followers haven't forgotten her. Many of them hate that her daughter Sophia is home-schooled and that her mother treats her in a very adult fashion. Haters and trollers piled the hate on Sophia on Instagram after a bit of a sneak peek of a Paul Logan podcast.

Fans of 'Teen Mom OG' still follow Farrah

Fans of the MTV Reality TV show still follow Farrah even though many of them express disgust at her lifestyle. There's no sparing her nine-year-old daughter Sophia, the offspring of deceased Derek Underwood.

The little girl really seems to lack the opportunity to play with peers her own age and is seldom seen in the company of children. As she's homeschooled, she travels all over the place with her mom. Quite often, her Instagram account shows various posts by her. However, most people assume that Farrah actually writes those posts. Perhaps that's why they don't hesitate when it comes to hating on a young girl.

Perhaps, given that Sophia seems raised as an adult, she does read those comments on her Instagram. In fact, some of the comments really must hurt her. It's very doubtful that Farrah protects her daughter by not allowing her to read the reactions. With a mom who gets slammed all the time for her lifestyle, plus nasty comments about her, it certainly can't be easy being the daughter of Farrah.

Sophia, the unfortunate daughter of Derek Underwood

Sophia suffered setbacks from the beginning. According to Parenting.com, "doctors realize that babies begin to engage many of their senses and to learn about the world around them during the last trimester of pregnancy—and maybe even before." If anything, baby Sophia probably learned to recognize pain before she even birthed into the world.

When Farrah featured in "16 and Pregnant" season 1, fans learned that Farrah's mom termed her a "whore" and refused her an abortion. That must have caused young Farrah pain. What are the odds she cried herself to sleep every night of her pregnancy? Baby's are sensitive to that kind of thing.

The little girl on "Teen Mom" never even got to know her dad Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident.

So, it seems life mainly stacked up against her enjoying a normal childhood. Backlash like being called a "fetal alcohol syndrome ape," in the comments on her Instagram account must fester. Actually, it's not the fault of Sophia that her life turned out the way it did.

The Instagram post that got followers piling on the hate

The post on Sophia's Instagram account was captioned with, "Stoppin by the best podcast everrrrr now that my momma was on it @farrah__abraham@impaulsivepodcast @loganpaul CANT WAIT TO HAVE YOU ALL WATCH WHEN IT GOES LIVE Shhh! Sneak peak ... I guess I made the panel talking babies."

It showed a mini-flash of Farrah talking, but most of it was inaudible. Sophia had to clap when prompted by the host.

That's' all she did. Nevertheless, comments came out like, "She looks like a dumb seal clapping." Then there were comments on how Sophia is already like her mother, only worse.

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