Bravo network reality star Shannon Beador and her estranged husband, David Beador, also formerly a cast member of the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” were in court on October 15. Financial support was central to their appearance before an Orange County Superior Court, according to Radar Online.

David aimed for amending a $22,500 a month support agreement with his soon-to-be ex-wife Shannon Beador. The monthly amount he has been paying since July does not solely provide spousal support for Shannon but also covers child support for the three teen daughters that the former couple shares, Reality Blurb explained.

Former couple’s children will not be shortchanged

The prevailing reality is that the former couple's daughters, Sophie, Stella, and Adeline, won’t be shortchanged by the amount of support that Judge James L. Waltz ordered the former Bravo star to pay. He must continue paying the same amount each month as he did before seeking an amended amount.

Judge Waltz was not impressed with David’s financial declarations, which the judge deemed “incomplete” and “not professionally executed,” Radar pointed out.

He was admonished.

David prepared documents during his lunch hour

Well, there is the Shakespearean saying about people who represent themselves in legal matters, which is what David attempted. Couple David representing himself with telling the judge that he “only had the lunch hour” to prep the financial records for the court, and the situation was not looking too good for him, according to Radar.

Was David not aware that he was the one asking the judge to base an important decision on documents that it was his responsibility to provide to the court?

Not a good way to convince a judge that altering the amount is supported by financial records.

Forensic accountant disputed former star’s financial figures

David’s contention is that Shannon earns amply from her role on the “Real Housewives of Orange County.” Oh no, another drawback with his statement. The court assigned a forensic accountant, Andrew Hunt, to the case, according to the Hollywood Gossip and Radar. David claimed that Shannon garners $900,000 from Bravo. Hunt, however, put the brakes on that assertion.

For the accountant, and based on figures that the Hollywood Gossip ran, the numbers just “don’t add up.” To prove his point, David may have discovered it prudent to detail how he arrived at the nearly $1 million figure he touted as Shannon’s annual income.

Hunt placed the figure at an estimated $24K per episode, with 37 shows airing annually.

Outcome of hearing based on facts

The judge based the outcome of the hearing on facts, not fanciful ideas loosely bantered by a water cooler. At the end of the day, David’s hope of reducing monthly support payments was rejected. Oops. His children’s financial support will not be diminished as a result of his efforts. Teens, after all, do take money to raise and prep if they are college-bound or career-oriented.

Judge appeared fair

Judge Waltz did not seem to favor one litigant over the other. He pointed out that both parties should provide the court with “more accurate” financial records respective of their earnings.

He stopped the procedure. The ex-couple is slated to return to court in February, allowing for David and Shannon to have filed their taxes affecting 2018.

Shannon shared a parting thought

The court hearing persisted for roughly three hours, Celebrity Insider noted. Shannon shared a parting thought with David outside the courtroom. The two were bickering. "Okay, enough of that already." Shannon reportedly shouted at her ex as she was making her way into the elevator, calling David “such a nickel and dimer!” She added, “It’s disgusting.”

David seems to have hit a rough patch, as well, in his personal relations with "Real Housewives" stars Tamra and Eddie Judge.

David and Eddie have broken off their friendship, though the explanation for their split differs.

Meanwhile, Shannon appears to be doing great. Hot look, hot man-friend in her life, and hot plans for her future. She's on fire!

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