Lori Loughlin, former “Full House” and “When Calls the Heart” star, and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, entered not guilty pleas on April 15, following accusations of alleged involvement in a nationwide college admissions money laundering, conspiracy scheme.

Feds set sights on star's offspring

Federal prosecutors assert that the couple paid $500,000 to ensure their daughters Isabella Rose, 20, and Olivia Jade, 19, garnered acceptance at the University of Southern California (USC). Vogue and the Daily News (UK) reported on April 17 that prosecutors have their sights also set on one of the couple’s daughters.

Daughter received ‘target letter’ from prosecutors

While it is currently unknown whether Isabella or Olivia Jade received a so-called target letter from the Department of Justice (DOJ), several news outlets reported that one of the college-age women is the focus of the criminal investigation. In its exclusive report, the Daily Mail noted that multiple sources relayed that one of the daughters “received a target letter” from U.S. attorneys in Massachusetts.

Additional students, whose parents are accused of participating in the admissions bribery scandal, also received letters indicating that they, too, are potential subjects of the criminal probe, Vogue reported. At this time, however, no student has been charged with having a role in the admissions scheme.

Prosecutors made it ‘clear’ there is ‘evidence’

The letter, reportedly, sent to Isabella or Olivia Jade is not a “veiled threat,” according to the Daily Mail and one of its sources.

Federal prosecutors made it “clear” that there is “evidence” suggesting that the daughter “knew of the illegal plot.”

Since Loughlin and her husband entered not guilty pleas respective of accusations that they were involved in mail fraud, as well as money laundering, the “ominous” letter to their daughter did not motivate them to negotiate a deal with prosecutors, the Daily Mail also pointed out.

Based on a report by the Mercury News (San Jose, California) and the legal news service Law360, the target letters were received by students who were 18 when the bribery scam was “hatched and accomplished.”

Isabella’s Instagram account deactivated

Vogue noted that net sleuths are "speculating” that Isabella received the letter. The problem with that theory is that she was still 17 in April 2016 when her parents allegedly connected with William “Rick” Singer, the so-called college admissions consultant, seeking to assure their eldest daughter’s acceptance at USC, the Mercury News reported.

On April 16, Isabella deactivated her @Bella Instagram account, ELLE reported, but NBC News stated that Instagram “declined” verifying whether Loughlin’s daughter or the networking platform itself pulled the plug on the social media account.

Both USC hopefuls posed as athletes

Regardless of which daughter received the letter, both young women were accepted at USC under the guise that they were athletes possibly destined for the women’s row team. There has been much speculation, as well, that Isabella and Olivia Jade were most likely aware that something was amiss since they willinglyposed for photos on ergometers,” which the Daily Mail noted.

While on the surface, it does seem that the two daughters appeared to have taken a pro-active role in attaining acceptance at USC as student-athletes, there might also be an alternative explanation.

It is important to remember that Isabella is an aspiring actress, the Mercury News reported, and Olivia Jade was doing quite well as a social media influencer, who often struck a pose with various items and brands. Would it have been totally out of the norm for them to pose?

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